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Georgia Association of Educators Endorses Benedict


Members of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) have endorsed the candidacy of Lauren Benedict for election to the Georgia State House of Representatives in District 140. GAE, with 40,000 members, is the only major education employee representative with an active political action program. GAE members work hard through voluntary contributions and support for candidates to ensure friends of public education are elected to public office.

GAE President Jeff Hubbard said, “Our endorsement is based on GAE’s commitment to continue improving Georgia’s public schools. Lauren Benedict supports the GAE Legislative Priorities, which are created and approved by our members each year. These priorities include a commitment to stand up for those on education’s front line by working to: attract and retain a quality teacher in every classroom; enhance education programs for greater student achievement; ensure schools and buses are safe; include all public school employees in the state’s whistleblower-protection legislation; provide quality comprehensive health care benefits, salary increases and improved retirement benefits; adopt a fair evaluation system; prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow; and restore education funding cuts so our students can continue to succeed.”





GAE Government Relations Director Jocelyn Whitfield announced, “Since every decision concerning the operation of our schools is made by elected officials, it is imperative that education employees support candidates who will make children and public education a high priority. Lauren Benedict will work incredibly hard to make sure that every child has an equal opportunity for a quality education in Georgia’s public schools. Educators have a history of very high turnout on Election Day, and our children are depending on our active political involvement. Teachers are always advocates for their students, in the classroom and on Election Day. They will help elect a friend of education, Lauren Benedict.”


For additional information, contact:


Jocelyn Whitfield

GAE Director of Government Relations

(678) 837-1144







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