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Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones
is a Public Servant in More Ways Than One

by Amanda Smith

Although the coroner's job is one of the most important positions in any society, Bibb County coroner Leon Jones believes that it’s his responsibility to do more for his community - his passion is our young people. "As a coroner, my job is cause and manner of death," said Jones. "As a coroner, I've seen thousands of dead and injured and to find closure for the families, I investigate death and find answers. But I also have a passion for our youth," he continued. "And I've spoken to over 250 civic groups since January of 2005."

Jones is a Macon native and grew up in the Unionville area. "I was one of the first 50 blacks to integrate Willingham High School," he said. "Integration was difficult, but I had two good friends - Ben Hinson and Ricky Barron - who kept me from getting a lot of whippings from white boys on Canterbury Road. To this day, we are still very good friends."

A graduate of Southwest High School, Jones received his EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certification from Macon Vocational Technical Institute and his Cardiac Technician Certifications from The Medical Center of Central Georgia (Basic Cardiac Life Support Provider and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider). He is also certified in Homicide Investigations by the University of St. Louis School of Medicine and holds certification in Death Investigations from the Cobb County Police Department in Marietta, Georgia.

Jones retired after 32 years of service as an EMT with The Medical Center of Central Georgia and has also worked in Emergency Medical Services in Forsyth, Dublin, Warner Robins, Fort Valley, and Milledgeville, Georgia. He has served as Deputy Coroner for Bibb County since 1990 and as Bibb County’s elected coroner since 2004.

Despite his busy schedule, Jones finds time to serve his community. "I speak at Bibb County schools on a regular basis," he said. "I am a public servant at heart and I try to set a good example for all the kids in Macon, black and white. The kids tell me what's going on in the schools and parents often call me and ask me to speak to one of the children individually," he continued. "I've also changed a lot of flat tires and helped people who have run out of gas," he continued. "I am a Christian and I love helping people; I don't look at skin color or gender - they are all God's children."

Jones also spoke about how his faith developed at a young age and how it helps him in his job as coroner. "My father died when I was very young and I was raised in a single parent home," he said. "But I had the Deacons of New Zion Baptist Church and other positive male role models in the community who walked with me and helped me grow up with Christian values. Suicide cases are always hard for me," he continued. "I had a good friend in the 80s who killed himself. I pray every morning before I go to work; even if I get a 3am call, I pray before I get out of the car," he continued. "My faith in Christ is what brings me through and it's what keeps me going."

Jones is also concerned about the problems in the school system, bullying in particular. "I was picked on and bullied as a child and I really can't stand bullying," he said. "I understand the philosophy of the school board, but I believe that kids who are causing problems should be in a school with other kids like themselves, rather than disrupting the class and preventing other children form learning. We need to step up to the plate about discipline."

A member of Beulahland Bible Church, Jones is married to the lovely Sheila Bryant Jones. His personal philosophy is "If you want it, work for it; never forget who you are and where you came from."

Leon Jones
Leon Jones