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Cornelia Walker Publisher
Don’t Be A Litter Bug

by Carmelia S. Walker

You should not be a litter bug why?

Litter affects earth, humans, plants and the ocean

Think about the animals, plants and habitat, too many animals can be hurt by trash and they can die.

Humans, plants and animals need unpolluted water to survive or live. Most of the litter is plastic which breaks down very slowly in water and many persist for decades or even centuries. The amount of debris is in the marine environment which is constantly increasing.

Litter effects the earth that consists of trash and household toxic substances that are improperly disposed of on land or in water.

Don’t be a litter bug, throwing your unwanted items in the streets and sidewalks is a No, No. Please take the time and dispose of them properly in a trash can. The earth will be cleaner and our water will be much safer.

Carmelia S. Walker is the granddaughter of Cornelia Walker. 

She is 9 years old, a 3rd grader and attends Alexander II Magnet School.

Carmelia was inspired to write this because she wanted to share with others the importance why you should not be a litter bug, based upon what she learned in school. She also has expressed interest in becoming a young entrepreneur.

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Carmelia S. Walker