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Dr. Dianna Ross-Hollins Receives Georgia Outstanding Citizen Award

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Dr. Dianna Ross-Hollins does it again! Last year the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. This year the state of Georgia's Outstanding Citizen Award.

The prestigious honor was bestowed upon Ross-Hollins during a January 18 ceremony in Atlanta attended by an array of significant political, business and religious leaders from across the Peach State. The award is a special recognition of individuals whom state officials feel have made a significant impact on the lives of Georgia residents through their service; and is the highest award that a Georgia citizen can receive from state officials according to Ross-Hollins. "It's something that I cherish and that I'm humbled to receive," she said. "This award will open up more doors to work within the state and abroad."

The acknowledgement of Ross-Hollins work is the capstone of an impressive multi-month run. In September, she was the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. By receiving that award, she joined a distinguished group of individuals that have dedicated their lives to giving back and making a difference in their communities as volunteers with over 4,000 hours of free human service to their credit. In addition, the Tuscaloosa, Alabama native joined Major League Baseball star Darryl Strawberry, comedian and actor Chris Tucker, R&B legend Candi Staton and entertainment mogul Oprah Winfrey as P.L.A.A. recipients.

Ross-Hollins says she has served nearly 6,000 people as the founder of Saving Our Sisters Network since she established the organization in 2006 in her hometown (Tuscaloosa). Her efforts include global travels and teaching empowerment to individuals, businesses and organizations. From her Macon headquarters, Ross-Hollins works in various other capacities. Along with being a prolific teacher, international speaker and mentor, she currently serves as the Pastor of the House of Shekinah Glory. She is also the founder of Kingdom Builders Alliance Ministries (KBAM) and Making Deliverance Happen Ministries (M.D.H.). She says the national recognition was special but because the Outstanding Citizen Award came from the state of Georgia she considers it extra special. "What touched my heart is that the people I live and work amongst bestowed this on me for giving back," said Ross-Hollins. "It says that Georgia recognizes the work I’ve done along with the acknowledgement from the federal government."

District 35 Georgia state senator Donzella James of Atlanta nominated Ross-Hollins for the state award. Doing so implies that James felt that the accomplished author, minister and human service provider was very deserving. Ross-Hollins is grateful for the nomination but admits that the new status increases expectations and responsibility. She's aware that there are countless worker bees in the wings that desire and deserve recognition as well. But she encourages them to stay the course and be okay with the task at hand for now. "Do the piece you can do and to the best you can with what you have," she suggests. "Just stay genuine. Be original. And keep striving. In time, you will be recognized."

As Ross-Hollins continues her journey, she looks to use her new-found gift in a profound way. Outstanding Citizen Award recipients are also ambassadors. She envisions now being able to transverse the globe even more as she spreads good news about back home in addition to the word of God and his goodness. This additional capacity is a blessing she says and confirmation that she is on a purposeful path. One that reflects to others the positive power of putting words into action. "Actions with a voice bring forth a manifestation. You can never obtain a goal unless you pursue it or get there unless you persevere," Ross-Hollins said. "I'm not in the business of being seen but with God’s help, getting results."

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Dr. Dianna Ross-Hollins