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Famed Atlanta Based Law Firm Preparing to Make Its Mark in Macon

L. Chris Stewart, Quinton S. Seay, and Eugene Felton Jr.

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Middle Georgia residents in need of legal representation due to a catastrophic injury will soon have another choice. And that choice goes by the name of Stewart, Seay and Felton Trial Attorneys.

Based in Atlanta, the law firm describes itself as a group of experienced attorneys with a proven track record of success and high payouts for their clients. Their claim can be confirmed. In just three short years since being launched by founders L. Chris Stewart, Quinton Seay and former Macon Assistant District Attorney Eugene Felton, Jr., Stewart, Seay and Felton has secured over 30 million dollars on behalf of those it has represented. The Macon location will open following a free public grand opening event on Saturday, June 11th from 12 pm - 3pm at their new office located at 2912 Vineville Avenue.

Seay - the senior member of the firm - has been arguing cases for 30 years and says their winning formula is comprised of not just experienced, talented lawyers but ones that also care. "We recognize there is a need for civil justice in communities around the state," Seay said. "So we are here in Macon now as well to provide it." The decision to set up shop in Central Georgia was made easy by the amount of time Seay and his partners have been serving local citizens from their headquarters up the road. Between years of representing clients in area courts and the collective conclusion by the practice that this town was underserved and ripe for additional representation, Stewart, Seay, and Felton’s Macon office was born according to Seay. The Montgomery, Alabama native says coming to Macon is a calling. "We are trying to go where we are appreciated and needed. We believe that Macon needs us," insists Seay.

Another firm founder, Felton, is elated about returning to Macon since leaving in 2005. As a former assistant district attorney he has a strong working knowledge of the city's legal landscape and desires to make Stewart, Seay and Felton a household name locally. He says that the firm is committed to balancing the scales of justice on behalf of every citizen. No one gets left behind based on SS&F services. The firm specializes in an array of areas including: personal injury, assault, vehicle accidents, neglect, wrongful death and employee issues. "We want to equalize the situations and keep people honest. That's why we refer to ourselves as 'From your community fighting for your community'", Felton says.

The case on Stewart, Seay and Felton's laundry list of law accomplishments that may support Felton's assertions the most is the shooting death of then fifty-year-old Walter Scott in Charleston, South Carolina on April 4th of last year. The unarmed Black man was running away from former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager following a routine traffic stop when he was gunned down. Scott's family contacted the practice's youngest founding member, thirty-eight -year old L. Chris Stewart and made history as a result. Stewart secured a record $6.5 million on behalf of Scott's family - the largest in South Carolina history against law enforcement. In the process he received rock star status as the go to man in the practice for all things media related at the time appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, NBC and various other national and international media outlets. While the Scott case is a very big deal to those looking on, Stewart says it's just another example of the effort Stewart, Seay and Felton put forth on behalf of its clients including future customers in Macon. "It just makes sense to come to Macon. It's a venue that we love," Stewart added. "In Macon like elsewhere we will fight every case to the teeth. We litigate any case that our clients want to pursue and take it to trial."

Stewart, Seay and Felton is formidable. It serves a diverse population and represents clients across the country in places like Minnesota, Alabama and Illinois. It’s fifteen-member team of five lawyers, six paralegals, three support staff and business manager has a good track record. Seay specializes in vehicle crashes, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, burn injuries and unsafe premises. Felton's focus is on nursing home neglect as well but he also pursues cases in medical malpractice and personal injury. Stewart's attention is centered around getting compensation for his clients related to vehicle collisions, wrongful death, premises liability and sexual assault.
The firm has a big heart too. It routinely gives back in the form of community outreach in Metro Atlanta and is committed to doing the same in Macon. As three Black adult male heads of a law firm, Felton says all eyes are on them, especially that of boys that look like them. "For me it's personal that I get to go back home where I really started. We are proud to be African - American male lawyers. We are proud of who we are," he said. "We're seasoned, battle harden veterans with over fifty years of experience combined that intend to help the Macon community," added Seay. "We want to help people that feel they don't have a voice and look forward to having an ongoing presence in Macon."

For more details concerning the Macon office and the firm call (855) YES-JUSTICE or visit its web site at


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