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Four Extraordinary
Fathers To Be Honored

by Leon Jones

Growing up on Mason Street between Alphabet City and the Unionville community was very challenging. Being fatherless after my Dad left me and my mother. Without a grandfather that was killed following an explosion at Cherokee Brick Yard, young, and the only child was even more challenging.

But my loving mother, the late Tommie Lee Jones, kept me focused and in church every Sunday. I was baptized at age 5 in the original New Zion Baptist Church that sit at the time on the corner of Edgewood and Fifth Street in a section of Macon called Tybee.

I had good role models in the church. Deacon Eddie Robinson used to carry me to Sunday school and church on his back from Calhoun Street to Edgewood Ave and Fifth St. Deacon Ashly Yarborough, Jack Newton, Fred Combs, Charlie Brown and Deacon Thompkins were my role models in the church, and are the reason I wear the old fashion Stacy Adam shoes, long sleeves white shirts (no color shirts) with neck ties, and my pants at the right height off the heel of my shoes. The men in my neighborhood community were the other role models in my life. They worked 5 days a week, half a day on Saturday went to the grocery store with their wives and lead devotion service at church on Sunday morning.

In Grammar school my biggest role models were Lewis Jones and Columbus Watkins. In High School, it was Dr. R.J. Martin, Larry Ramy, Cornelius Williams, John Crawford, Calvin Miller, Billy Beale, Don Richardson, Albert Sharpe, and Hugh Windham. Honorable mention goes to Gene Hallman, William and Bobby Grant and W. L. Kitchens.

In 1994, when I started working at the Medical Center Hospital, there were other influential people who became my role models. This includes Damon King, Don Faulk, Bob Kinsey, Andy Galloway, Bill Odom, Bill Barnes, Mike Gilstrap, Bill Moore, Arthur Jones and Tom Darrisaw. Tom challenged me the most. He once told me any man can make a baby but any man can’t be a father. I stayed at the medical center for 32 years before retiring.

When I ran for coroner in 2004 it really got interesting. Some of my political advisors were Damon King, Fennel Hill, James Avera, The late Robert Brown, late Albert Billingslea and late James McCook, Bill Barnes and Connie Cater. State Senator David Lucas, Billy Pitts, Lonnie and Ronnie Miley, Herbert Dennard and Henry Gallimore possess a ton of experience in the political arena and helped me as well.

It is a tremendous blessing to have had these people in my life. These positive role models instilled in me what it means to help others. I’m forever indebted to them for what they done for me. The power of having positive men and role models in our lives is amazing. I’m convinced that each of them had a hand in making me a man. My success in life is putting God first and paying attention to positive role models that I was blessed to have in my life. They had a positive influence on me and still do. If I have omitted anyone please except my apology. Charge it to my head, not my heart. (smile) May God bless each one of you all.

Respectfully Your,
Leon Jones
Macon Bibb-Coroner

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Leon Jones