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MWA Water Quality Report Should Instill Confidence in Consumers
Authority meets or exceeds all regulatory standards for safe drinking water

Concerns about the quality of public drinking water have never been greater, according to officials from the Macon Water Authority (MWA), due to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan earlier this year that raised perpetual awareness of the importance of safe drinking water in America.

With the results of the 2016 MWA Water Quality Report - also referred to as the annual Consumer Confidence Report - now available to the public, there is scientific evidence of why consumers of the MWA's tap water do not have to worry if their water is safe to drink.
"The number one priority of the MWA is to consistently provide safe and quality drinking water for our customers and surrounding communities," says Tony Rojas, MWA President and Executive Director. "The 2016 Water Quality Report offers evidence of our commitment to provide customers a level of confidence that their tap water is the safest possible drinking water for consumption."

The data presented in the 2016 Water Quality Report was collected by the MWA and verified by Georgia EPD during the 2015 calendar year. These results show that MWA’s drinking water met all regulatory limits for detected levels of potential contaminants, whether inorganic, organic, or micro-biological, or as the result of disinfectants or disinfectant by-products.

As a result, the MWA attained a spotless record for drinking water safety and compliance once again this year with no incidents of non-compliance or violations of drinking water quality standards or treatment methods, according to the data collected from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2015.

The 2016 MWA Water Quality Report is available to the public on the Authority’s website located at, while a hard copy can be obtained at MWA headquarters upon request. The Water Quality Report is released annually to inform customers of what is in their drinking water and why, providing results on how the MWA has met or exceeded all water quality guidelines set forth by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

The annual Consumer Confidence Report, or Water Quality Report, became a regulatory requirement of public water utilities following the 1996 Amendments by Congress to the Safe Drinking Water Act, in an effort to increase the public’s "right-to-know" about the nature of their drinking water. The overall intent of these annual reports is to provide consumers with local water quality information that allows them to make informed public health choices, in addition to improving transparency and increasing dialogue between water systems and their customers.

For more information or questions about the 2016 MWA Water Quality Report, consumers can contact Gary McCoy, MWA Director of Water Treatment Operations, at 478-464-5653.


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