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Macon Artist & Business Owner Pens Lyrics
For What May Become Macon's Theme Song

by Amanda Smith

Macon native Carl Dudley, Jr. has written the lyrics to a hip hop song that may well become the theme song for the city of Macon. Produced by J. Mixx (James Johnson) and Steven Little, aka Stefaun, the song is tentatively entitled My City and the lyrics "travel" throughout the city to highlight historic landmarks, neighborhoods and music artists well-known to local citizens. Performed by Stefaun, the song mentions Otis Redding, Little Richard and the Cherry Blossom Festival, as well as Fort Hawkins and the Indian Mounds. A tribute to the rich heritage of Macon, My City is an open invitation for visitors to stay for awhile and experience everything that the city has to offer.

Al Tillman, booking agent and owner of Teeger Entertainment, came up with the idea of a theme song for Macon in response to the Gateway Music Competition. "I would like the hip hop community to know that I asked Dudley to write the lyrics to My City as a way to reach out to budding artists in a positive way," said Tillman. "He is so talented in so many ways; we have been watching Carl for awhile and believe that he deserves national exposure."

Also known as CMD Styles, Dudley got his start in the entertainment field at a young age. After performing in school plays and at church, Dudley's dance skills were polished through his dance group PSD, dominating talent shows throughout the Southeast. Dudley further developed his musical skills with the rap group Soulism, touring colleges with artist greats such as Jay Z and OutKast. His first solo release was History in the Macon in 2000, followed by Paint or Die in 2007. He is currently working on his third album, Life's Celebrations, a testament to what he finds most valuable in life. Dudley most recently co-starred in the Hip Hop stage play, Another Chance, demonstrating that he is talented in the performing arts as well.

An accomplished and gifted painter, Dudley is the Owner of Artrageous, a gallery that showcases dozens of his works in airbrush, screening and heat transfer. Located on the bottom floor of the Macon Mall between Sears and Belks, his wonderful and varied creations cause the passerby to stop and take another look.

Dudley has a passion for young, aspiring artists and wants to help others realize their dreams. "When I was young, I didn't know what paths were open to me," Dudley said. "I thought college was the only way to be successful, but I was wrong. I want others to know that there are many avenues to success and that you should follow your passion."

Chasing My Dreams Entertainment will present Dudley performing Paint or Die on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 7pm at the Cox Capitol Theatre in downtown Macon. Music and art will be joined together as Dudley demonstrates how painting kept him out of the streets. Tickets are $10 and are available at Habersham Records and Artrageous at Macon Mall.



Carl Dudley
Carl Dudley