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Macon Georgia Youth Will
Live-Out Their Dreams

Macon, Georgia, Bibb County underserved youth this year will benefit from a newly developed "I Am the Arts" summer program designed to allow children ages three to eighteen the opportunity to become dancers and/or musicians, thanks to support from John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

You may not be from Georgia, but I am sure that you have heard of Ray Charles, Little Richard, Ryan Seacrest, Laurence Fishbourne, Otis Redding, Dakota Fanning and Alice Walker. These Georgia Stars had home grown talent that was cultivated in the heart of Macon. However, as times have changed, and schools are forced to cut programs centered round the Arts due to funding, there is a possibility that the next generation of Georgia Stars could be left undeveloped, if Community Arts Programs didn’t exist. Having worked in the school district for several years, Gwen Phillips and her husband, Richard, saw a need and decided to fill it. In 2008, they opened the Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio (PCPAS), "A Dream House Where Stars Are Born".

The Phillips Performing Arts announced today that they received a $25,000.00, two-year grant from the Knight Foundation to offer a three-week course each year providing high-quality dance and music, as well as drama and etiquette training to Macon's youth.

"As an agency partner with Macon Housing Authority (MHA)/Family Investment Center (FIC), a one-stop resource facility where Phillips Performing Arts "Dream House" is located, many children will benefit, and their quality of life will be enhance by attending the "I Am the Arts" summer program. The Family Investment Center is located within the Davis Homes public housing development and serves residents and the underserved east Macon community. The purchase of equipment and supplies supported by the Knight Foundation will also allow Phillips Performing Arts instructors the necessary tools needed to teach students" Said Karen Middleton, Chief Director of Resident Initiatives. Contact: 478-752-5097 or"

Although, the focal point is geared towards underserved boys and girls, to date Phillips Performing Arts Foundation as served hundreds of children from all walks of life. The children, while stars in their parent's eyes, have also become standouts and stars in the community. Performing for local organizations such as; Macon Arts Alliance, Douglass Theatre, The 567 Center, and Tubman Museum.

The "I Am the Arts" three-week, three-day summer camp will be held July 7 - 23, 2015. To enroll your child or for more information contact Richard and Gwen Phillips at 478-394-5018 or .

A Knight Foundation Grantee.

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