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Middle Georgia Member Named 4th
Vice President of NBCL, Inc.

Congratulations to the Georgia State Beauty Culturists' League for its outstanding attendance during the 93rd Convention of the National Beauty Culturists' League Incorporated (NBCL) held at the Hilton Alexandria Hotel Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road in Alexandria, Virginia July 21-28, 2012.

Mrs. Katie B. Catalon, DPC the 14th President of the National Beauty Culturists' League Incorporated was all smiles of agreement when Mrs. Wilma Reeves, DPC of Centerville, Ga. was elected the fourth vice president of the organization. Mrs. Reeves received her Doctorate of Professional Cosmetology (NIC), and through her years of working with the membership, President Catalon stated that she is deserving of the position.

Mrs. Reeves is also a member of the NBCL Tech Team, serves as the Chairman of the King and Queen Coronation, member and State Coordinator for the Georgia State Beauty Culturists' League, Inc., is a member and serves as the Epistoleus of Lambda Chapter of Theta Nu Sigma National Sorority. Mrs. Sarah J.A. Simmons DPC of Perry, Ga. is the Basileus of Lambda Chapter and serves as the National Dean of Pledgees for the Sorority.

Georgia State Beauty Culturists' League is a very strong state under the affiliation of NBCL, Inc., and holds the respect of other states by bringing in new members to introduce them to ways and means of uplifting their professionalism in the beauty industry by attending class through the National Institute of Cosmetology (NIC), which gives the attendees the opportunity to matriculate to receive professional degrees beyond licensing.

The interesting news about Georgia State Beauty Culturists' League is that the members have won the Queen's title more than any other state as an affiliate of NBCL, Inc. This great state has won the Queen's title for the past three years consecutively and the 2012 Queen is Mrs. Betty Herbert of Thomasville, Ga. Mr. John Scott DPC of Charleston, SC has reigned as King for the past eight years.

The State has proven that when all members keep their faith in Jesus Christ first, organization second, and not for self, the state will always be one to be respected by other states under the umbrella of the National Organization, which will serve as a beacon for others to follow.

We invite non members that are licensed to link up with us, also students in Beauty and Barbering Schools. There is so much to be offered for those that are not members. We have a Sorority and a Fraternity along with other divisions that will strengthen members into becoming more productive through education.

Contact Mrs. Ruth C. Swint, DPC the dynamic President of the Georgia State Beauty Culturists' League (478.923.9696) or Mrs. Wilma Reeves, DPC 4th Vice President NBCL, Inc. (478.333.6289) to obtain more information. We anticipate hearing from the readers of this article to link up with us. NBCL website or Georgia's website .

Wilma Reeves
Wilma Reeves