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Voter Inaction Votes

by Dr. Henry C. Ficklin
For years there has been a shockingly surprising count given as the number of registered voters who did not go to vote. This disheartening statistic has been reported to be as high as 34,000 voters who did not go to the polls, despite the consistent and urgent pleas given time and time again to all registered voters to make their voices heard. This is especially sad and regrettably true in the African American community where the right to vote was bought with a noble and bloody price. That cruel price was death in many instances. Therefore, the thinking concerning voting in the black community should be that it is a must do, just as important as brushing your teeth or taking a bath, essentials to healthy living. However, unfortunately that is not the case and the growing evidence of those refusing to even register to vote forecasts an even dimmer future for those who have such a distinguished legacy left to them in advancing the promises of freedom in this great country.

The power to change the status quo of dire circumstances in our lives lies in voting. Now it is amazing just to think of what life in Macon, Bibb County and even the state of Georgia would be, only if more African American voters had gone to the polls to vote. We continue to encourage you to go and cast a vote at the polls so that the true sentiment of the popular will of the people would actually be counted and known. Woefully, this has not happened in any recent times. However, those of us who truly understand the value and significance of voting at the polls, nevertheless push, beg and plea for you to go vote; send your vote in by absentee ballot; vote early; and take someone with you to vote at the polls.

Now, before we get intoxicated into thinking that voting takes place only at the polls, I want to quickly remind you that all age and resident qualified citizens vote whether at the polls or by staying away for the polls. Yes, each of you actually vote, because inaction is in fact an action. Therefore, you are voting if you don’t really go to the polls. You are voting for things to stay the same and never change for the better. Your vote is for the neighborhoods that suffer with high crime, high dropout rates, unrepaired streets, loss development of decent housing, low police patrol, profiling of young African American males, a lack of street cleanups and sweepings, open drainage ditches, low performing schools, an exceedance of liquor and gambling stores, limited lighting in crucial living area and little to none economic empowerment of black businesses to remain the same. Yes, inaction votes for the voiceless to remain voiceless and be satisfied with the little conscience soothing deeds that are done by the powers that be, so fairness can be claimed without guilt.

With that being understood, it remains my task to continue to urge each of you to actually go vote in all elections, especially this Presidential Election November 8th, as it will chart a new course for the history of our great country. There are also many problematic referendums on the ballot that will impact our lives locally. I don't even care to discuss the many analphabetic excuses given for not exercising the cherished privilege of casting a vote. I agree with those who fought and died for the right to vote - you ought to vote by action and not let inaction be your vote.

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Gwenette Westbrooks
Dr. Henry C. Ficklin