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How Does He Do It?
Al Tillman - The Ultimate Volunteer

by Amanda Smith

Most people volunteer their time and energy at some point in their lives to service work -- those things that ignite the passions and fuel the mind, body and soul. Though most people don't seemingly live their lives for this service work, Al Tillman does.

Tillman makes his living as Vice President and Booking Agent for Teeger Entertainment, an entertainment booking agency that has been promoting, managing and marketing events since 1992. Teeger Entertainment can provide well-known comedy artists such as Bruh Man, Redd Bone and Shawty Shawty and manage your event from start to finish.

But what makes Tillman stand out is his dedication to volunteer work. Passionate about many things, Tillman is first and foremost, President of the Macon-Bibb Chapter of the NAACP. A member for five years and President for three of those years, he is proud of the tremendous progress of the organization. "The NAACP has grown in the past three years and I am reminded that I stand on broad shoulders," he said. "Many have helped me and I could not have gotten the organization to the place it is now without a lot of help."

Tillman is also a board member of the CAC (Citzeins Advisory Committee), representing Ward 2, that advises and makes recommendations to the MATS (Macon Area Transportation Study) about road improvements that are needed in the Macon community. Somehow, he also finds the time to Chair the American Red Cross Minority Recruitment Board, a group that finds ways to increase blood donations among minority groups. "We come up with creative ways to encourage African Americans and Latinos to donate blood," he said. "Those groups use the most blood, but donate the least."

Another of Tillman's passions is Project Unity, the drive to restore the Village Green area of Bloomfield in Macon. "We help the community one street at a time," said Tillman, Co-Founder of the organization. Project Unity has been successful in tearing down eight dilapidated houses in the area. Tillman is also Founder of Unity-N-Community (, an organization that strives to bring together people of all races and promotes racial harmony.

"Every morning, I wake up trying to make a new friend before I need a friend," Tillman said. "I know that every day, God gives us a new opportunity to help someone. We shouldn't make excuses; excuses are just stepping stones to your failures."

Another portion of Tillman's time is spent on the Bibb Democratic Executive Board (; helping to make decisions that will move the Democratic Party forward. This organization plays an informal role in supporting democratic candidates running for office and is the legally sanctioned Democratic Party in Bibb County.

"Everything is political," said Tillman. "People don't realize that they have to get involved if they want to see change. If you aren’t there, your voice will not be heard when others are making decisions that can affect your lives profoundly," he continued. "For too long, people have been making decisions for me and my family and now I want to be there when those decisions are being made."

Tillman also hosts a weekly talk show on WIBB 1280am, which airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30am, talking with guests about community issues and the positive things that individuals are doing in the area. And on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, you will find him at the Macon City Council meetings, catching up on what’s going on with City Council. Tillman also volunteers for various area events and many were surprised to find that he is the "King of the Banana Pudding", the dish he prepared for A Taste of Soul during the Pan African Festival this year.

“I never thought when I was growing up in Boogerbear Bottom (the Unionville area of Macon) that I would be doing some of the community-focused things that I am doing," Tillman said. Married for 15 years and the father of two, it's hard to conceive of how he finds the time to be so many places at once. "I know I need to slow down and give up some things for my family and my business, but I want to be an inspiration for those who want to help, but just don’t know how," he concluded.




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