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I Want Her Back Now That She's In Love With Someone Else

Robert Stokes
Robert Stokes

Dear Robert,

My relationship with my wife had been deteriorating for a long time. I had often entertained thoughts of asking for a divorce. My wife was boring and plain.

I didn't love my wife of 12 years anymore. Yet, when I suddenly found out that she was having an affair with someone else, my love for her re-ignited. I am now desperately in love with my wife. She is my life.

I've told her that I love her no matter what she has done. I forgave her for having an affair. I told her it was my fault. She said that I had mistreated her over the years and now, at last, she feels loved and appreciated by the new man in her life. She has now moved out of our home. I have begged her to come back and have sent candy and flowers to her job. She told me to stop sending presents and suggested that I stop calling her so much. She says that she is in love and wants a divorce.

I read your column and I would appreciate your sound advice. Is there hope for our marriage?

A.L., Smyrna

Dear A.L.,

It sounds like the tables have been turned on you and now you are looking for love where it no longer exists. Never beg; it's unbecoming and it never works. Let her go. Learn from your mistakes and when you find a new love, treat her like a lady. And remember, love is sometimes better the second time around.

Robert Stokes


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