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He Likes Her In Garter Belts

Robert Stokes
Robert Stokes

Dear Robert,

I'm a female, 36 years of age. I have been on my own since I was 22. I have my own apartment, make a good salary and have my own life. I like it that way.

There is one problem: my mother. She keeps hassling me on the subject of marriage. She thinks it is time for me to settle down.

Robert, what she does not realize is that I like seeing more than one guy. And I do not want to get married to any of them.

She stresses companionship in my old age, like she and my father have now. Well, when I get to be their age, maybe I will want that too. But right now, I enjoy my freedom to come and go, see whom I please and live my life without having to make concessions to anyone else. Is there something wrong with that?

C. J., Augusta, Ga.


Dear C. J.,

If you are truly happy with your status and plan on remaining single, there is nothing wrong with your liberated lifestyle. But remember, as you get older, your chances of marrying go down, for obvious reasons: a person becomes totally self-sufficient and never feels the need for another, one can become very set in their ways, unable or unwilling to compromise, a necessary ingredient in any successful union.

Robert Stokes


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