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Barack Obama Uses Black Planet To Reach Millions Of Potential Voters






By Amanda Smith



Campaigning is certainly not what it used to be.  Recently, U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama has begun utilizing Black Planet, MiGente, AsianAve, Faithbase, and other websites to garner support for his campaign among highly targeted niche and minority voters.  Successful? You bet!  Within a week, Obama had collected 182,621 friends on Black Planet alone.



16 million African Americans spend a considerable amount of time networking on the Black Planet website.  Of these millions, 66% are likely to vote in the 2008 presidential campaign.  Very possibly his most brilliant move yet, Obama’s web profiles target a massive audience that is generally underrepresented in the political arena.



Obama is not the only one taking advantage of the tremendous opportunity for reaching millions through personal web profiles.  Propelled to the limelight in August of 2007 after being assaulted by her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, in an Atlanta hotel parking lot, Pentecostal televangelist, actress, and gospel singer Juanita Bynum sports profiles on Black Planet, MySpace, and others in an attempt to reach millions simultaneously with blogs, comments from visitors, upcoming events, photos, videos, and more.  Most personal profile web pages record the number of visits to the page; Jordan’s MySpace reports 697,505 visits as of this writing.






BishopT.D. Jakes has also taken advantage of the ability to reach millions through personal profiles on networking sites.  The televangelist and pastor of what is probably the largest African American church in the country (the Potter's House in Dallas, TX), has personal profiles on Black Planet, My Space, and others.  With these sites, he has the ability to reach out and touch literally millions of fans and worshippers.



Anyone can do what Obama and Jordan have done through the same mechanisms that they used; computer technology has certainly made the world smaller.  We expect to see many others jumping on this bandwagon in the very near future.




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