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Kenney Dennard Publisher

Berdine's Corner

It Ain’t All About You

by Kenney Dennard

berdine dennard
Berdine Dillard Dennard

Life Lessons from a Matriarch

One of the most important lessons learned from the way Berdine Dennard lived is not to always think about you. She blessed others with her blessings; therefore, she lived a fruitful life and taught those around her to do the same.

Is your house in order? Are all of your bills paid up? Is your marriage or relationship perfect? Are all of your children on the honor roll and staying out of trouble? Chances are, your house isn't in perfect order. But so what? Do you allow that to stop you from helping others?

There are so many people that need your help. So what do you do with your extra money? There's always extra money even when you say there is not. If not, where do you come up with money to pay for non-necessities like cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets?

There are so many homeless people across Georgia and in most major cities. You ever wonder how they got like that? No one plans to be homeless when they are children. There are several reasons for homelessness, and many people could have used your help before they get that far. Homeless shelters, nursing homes, the Salvation Army, and many other organizations need our donations, but not only that, our voluntary help as well. It doesn't start or end in those locations. It actually starts with those in your inner circles. It starts with your extended families, your neighborhood, and your church. You never know what people are going through. Sometimes they just need that beacon of light that you can provide that word of encouragement or that piece of advice.

It ain't all about you. That's not grammatically correct, but that hits home harder.

Sometimes to get to a certain level spiritually, you have to lift someone else's spirit. Sometimes letting God guide you comes from you guiding someone else that needs it more. What messages do you send to your family and friends by the way you live?

No one is perfect. We're in this thing together. The same way you need someone from time to time to get out of a certain place, there are countless amounts of others that need you. Don't leave them hanging. It ain't all about you.

Berdine Dillard Dennard 
Aug. 1944 - Oct. 2008

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