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Kenney Dennard Publisher

Berdine's Corner

What You Gonna Do On the Way Home?

by Kenney X. Dennard

berdine dennard
Berdine Dillard Dennard

Life Lessons from a Matriarch

On a video that was shot about 2-3 months before my mother, Berdine Dennard passed, she made a statement reflecting on life and death. As she reflected on life after death, she exclaimed, "We ain't home. This ain't our home; we're just passing through."

Now some three years after the statement was made, I find myself thinking about what it really meant.

I think back as a child, as soon as an adult mentioned they were going somewhere and the kids were invited for the ride, we would all holler, "Front by the window!" We hoped to have been the first to call it, so we could ride shotgun in the front. Some kids simply, hollered, "Shot Gun," which meant the same thing. We always had to fully describe that we wanted to be in the front seat by the window because if we just said, "front seat" or "shotgun," my brother would call foul. He would say, "Well, I'm in the front by the window. You can ride shotgun next to me in the middle."

Regardless, we were all excited to be riding off somewhere in the car. However, if we rode in that front seat of the car as kids we were a little more excited to be there. We might play with the radio if allowed, or we might wave our hands out the window. Sometimes we would just sit there and daydream, soaking up the air condition in our faces, glad to be in that front seat. Sometimes, as we got older, we might help navigate whoever was driving into and out of traffic. If there were more than two in the back seat, the same issues arose. Who would be in the middle and who rode by the window?

Now as an adult, reflecting on my mom's statement, I think of the same scenario. If you look at it like that, and heaven is home, then what are you doing on your way? Are you doing anything to secure a place in heaven, or are you doing what it takes to keep a seat warm in hell? Are you driving others to hell? Are you being driven to hell while playing out the window or concentrating too hard on the radio?

Life can definitely seem like a long journey, but as it nears an end, it seems so short. There are so many people lost that have no idea where home is or how to get there. Jesus said in the Bible "Go ye therefore and teach all nations." We were put here to guide others home safely as well.

Are you just riding through life waving your hands out the window enjoying the ride? Are you too busy playing with the radio and being entertained to think about getting home and helping someone on the way? Are you too overwhelmed by the scenery that this world has to offer to think about God's word?

What are you going do on your way home? You may be just enjoying the ride, thinking that you have four or five more stops, and you won’t be on the way home no time soon anyway. But at the drop of a dime, your car can be detoured, and you will find yourself pulling up to your last stop. If so, as you passed through life, did you really make it worthwhile?

As Jesus ascended until heaven, he said, "Lo, I'll be with you forever until the end of the world." The end is nearer than you think. This is a short ride. What you gonna do on your way home?

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