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Berdine's Corner

Your Kids Are Always Watching

by Deborah E. Dennard

berdine dennard
Berdine Dillard Dennard

Life Lessons from a Matriarch

In today's technological world, it seems as if everybody is watching us. With a click of a finger, agencies like the FBI or local police department can run a check on us to track our activities. The cellular phone companies have access to who we call, how often we call, and even what we text as well as our internet activities on our smart phones. They can also use the GPS in the phones to determine where we are. The credit bureaus know our spending habits, what we buy and how much money we spend. It seems as if everyone has a tab on us. It is a 21st century way of life that most of us never think about.

Unlike these things that come with the new technological age, we must not forget the old fashion values. Just as everyone else is watching, there are also some very important people watching your every move. Children are always watching parents, and this applies to young children as well as adult children. These are the eyes that should always be in the back of the minds of parents because you are always teaching lessons.

The older I get, the more like my mama I become. It should be no surprise because she was the person with whom I spent most of my time. She taught me many lessons verbally, but I learned many lessons from her actions. For example, I never really saw my mama really worried. She absolutely did not sweat the small stuff. Because of her example, I don't worry about trivial matters. Many times, I see people who are easily upset when things do not go as expected, but that doesn't happen to me. I have to believe it is because of the example I had. As a former teacher, I have seen so many children worried and stressed when things didn't go as expected. They lacked the needed coping skills. It is very important to not pass on these behaviors to children.

Another example, my mama taught us was to have faith. She took us to Sunday school, BTU (Baptist Training Union), and church every week. (I personally think we need to reinstate BTU in most churches because of so many out of order behaviors I see, but I digress). Not only did she take us, but she also taught a class. I was never in her class, but my brothers were. The important thing is that she didn't just teach us the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Lord's Prayer, et cetera, but we saw her live it. She didn't just talk the talk, but she walked the walk as well. Sure, she made mistakes, but we could see that our mama made a conscious effort to live upright. She didn't curse over us, she didn't talk down to us, and she taught us honesty by not doing illegal things like accepting the "hook up." As a child, there were countless times I have walked in her bedroom and found her on her knees praying before she went to bed. This was her example. It was not okay to pray to the Lord lying in bed. Her greatest lesson of faith was the one she taught us as she died. She never gave up. She continued to call on the name of Jesus until she no longer had breath.

There is a saying. "Big brother is always watching you." I agree. We have far too many agencies and people with access to our lives, watching us. However, as parents, it is imperative to remember that your children are always, always watching you, and you are responsible for what they see.


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