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Kenney Dennard Publisher

Berdine's Corner

Finding Your Niche

by Kenney Dennard

berdine dennard
Berdine Dillard Dennard

Life Lessons from a Matriarch

So you've graduated college and have made it into your designated career. Maybe you've been working in your career for years. Possibly, you are just working a job to get by that is nowhere near a career, but pays the bills. Even further, maybe you have retired from an illustrious career and are kicking back nowadays, enjoying life. Did you find or have you found your niche?

When my mother passed, I had already graduated college, had worked in my career a few years and had moved away from it and began doing other things. Whenever we talked I had a new idea and a new plan. I loved talking to her about such things because she would be just as enthused about my ideas as I was. Even if she wasn't she would just listen, asking few questions but allowing me to think out loud to her. Right before she died, she wrote me a letter that I got after she was gone, five years ago, this month. She said many things in it but one thing that sticks out is, "You have so many things running through your head. Find your niche."

Finding your niche can be interpreted differently to many different people. Some would strictly think of money-making possibilities. Others may think of impressive career changes that would sound and look good on paper and others. But knowing my mother and our conversations for most of my life, I know exactly what she meant.

Everyone has a God given talent. Some folk have two or three. Have you found yours? What are you doing with it? God gives us these talents for a reason. Not to sit on them. There aren’t many people that can sing like Luther Vandross, Johnny Gill or Stephanie Mills that only sing in the shower. You probably don't know anyone that can play basketball like Michael Jordon or Labron James that only play in his or her backyard. What is your talent? What are you doing with it? What is your niche?

Most of the world work jobs that they hate or just don't love. Most work jobs just to pay the bills and get by. Very few work in the profession that they love and wouldn't trade it for the world. The way school is set up, even with college it's easy to come out doing something you hate. At 18-19 years old, very few really know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. This is why so many people graduate college and end up doing something totally out of their fields of study. Many 18-19 year olds pick a field that sound impressive or that they think will pay lots of money, not thinking about what their hearts truly desire or their God given talent. Others that don't go off to school just find the best job they can to pay the most money for their circumstances.

But even if you are working a career job that pays good money, have you found your niche and are you doing anything with it?

Working with your God given talent is fulfilling to yourself although it is mostly meant for others. If your find your niche and it pays well then you've got a win-win. But even if it doesn't, pay well and it helps others or projects light into the life of others it's your duty to carry it out.

At the very end of the day, I think the Lord cares very little about your illustrious career. I think the important thing to Him is, "What did you do with the talent that I gave you?"

Have you found your niche?


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