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Berdine's Corner

What We Don't Know May Spook Us

by Kenney Dennard

berdine dennard
Berdine Dillard Dennard

Life Lessons from a Matriarch

Two plus two is four. Ten minus three is seven. Six divided by three is two. These are facts. They are givens. Numbers never lie. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta. The capital of New York is Albany. The last two NBA Championships belong to the Miami Heat. These are more facts. There is no debating. Let the record show. But what happens to a person when they die? Is there life in other galaxies? Was there ever life on Mars? Do your dead relatives' spirits have the ability to come to you? Now there's a debate. Human Beings are generally smart and know a whole lot about a whole lot of things. But there's even more that we know nothing about.

Every few years we learn that we don't really know what we thought we knew. A few years ago we thought Pluto was a planet. Hundreds of years ago we thought the Earth was flat. Heaven was in the clouds. It will be quite interesting to see what we will find out in the next few years. A few decades ago people would have been thought to have been crazy to say that aliens exist on this planet. Little by little the fact that the government hid something about an alien landing on Earth out in Roswell in the 60's is becoming a fact. Nowadays, since there have been so many sightings of so-called extra terrestrials from people from all walks of life and the creatures all look the exact same we all think twice about their existence; especially since we have been softened up by television and movies.

So what about spirits? I can remember laughing with my mother about this a few years before she got sick and passed away. My ex-girlfriend, whose mother had passed away when she was little had told me she had seen her mothers spirit before. In fact, she went on to say that her mother visited her all the time and she often felt her presence. She told me that her mother often flickered the light on and off to let her know that she was around. When my ex told me that I thought to myself "This girl is nuts." I now think all of this was just to prepare me for what was to come in my life.

I have now encountered several of those things such as lights flickering, feeling the presence of a spirit, weird dreams that don’t seem like dreams and many others. No one knows for sure what happens to a persons spirit immediately after they pass but I've talked to several people who have had similar experiences. I often think about the movie 'Ghost' and Patrick Swayze's character. Do you think the writers of that movie totally made that up or did they have similar experiences?

When I was around 6 years old I saw a ghost or spirit. I was lying in the bed sleep with my mother. My brother was in the hospital and my dad was spending the night there. Sometime in the middle of the night I was awakened when this spirit came into the room. I woke my mother and told her to move over because my dad had just come in. She jumped up and asked, "Where?" I then pointed at him but she saw nothing. It wasn't my father. I sat up in the bed and watched a silhouette of a man walk around the room. She turned the lamp next to the bed on and it disappeared. She then told me that I must have been dreaming. She turned the light off again and he was still standing there. I must have scared her to death when I hollered, "There he is again! He's on your side of the bed!" Some thirty years later I can still remember this like yesterday.

Days before my mother passed she told my Uncle Lee that the last time I came down to see her in Tulsa I had two angels behind me as I walked into the room. She told him that when I left those angels stayed down there with her. I never saw her consciously alive after that. She told a couple other people stories about angels that were around her as well but that story really sticks out to me. It made me feel as if I have guardian angels around me everywhere I go even now.

One day while driving I was supposed to make a right. For some reason my mind went blank once stopping at stop sign. I stopped and pondered to myself, "Now where was I going?" I may have paused 20-30 seconds. When I finally figured it out and turned right I got a few blocks up and there was a major accident that had just happened. Did my guardian angel save me me? Am I talking crazy?

I remember as I sat on the porch talking to my mother about my ex and her mother we discussed all types of things and experiences with spirits. She told me she believed in it and had even had an experience with a spirit as a teenager when her aunt died. Later that evening I asked my dad if he believed it. He said no. Talking to him almost made me feel silly believing such things. He told me it was all in my head. Fast forward a couple years and a few flickering lights later and today his views have changed. He has had experiences as well since my mother passed.

Who knows what happens when a person dies. Who knows where their spirit goes or if they have the ability to come back and visit. The world is huge. Who knows what's outside our solar system or even far away inside it. It takes 4-5 months to travel to the nearest planet at the speed of sound so who knows what’s on the one furthest from us? Who knows what's beyond that in other galaxies? We don't even know what all is on this Earth. We know very little about what is on the ocean floor. We can't properly explain how Egyptians built pyramids and how a group thought to be so primitive was so much more advanced than us thousands of years ago. We know a lot about a little and a little of nothing in comparison to what's out there.

What I do know is that mankind has learned a lot over the last hundred years or so on Earth and have made quite a few advances. But what we don't know is even more intriguing. What we don't know in many cases may just spook us.


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