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ChrisTrey Realty Reaches Another Milestone

by Nigel Roberts

Sheila Brown has reached another milestone on her way to achieving her dream. Brown's real estate company, a one-woman operation for now, has moved out of her home office and into an office suite, located at 2607 Vineville Avenue, Suite 103, in Macon. "I'm overwhelmed and excited," she exclaimed with joy. "The Lord has truly blessed me."

Brown started ChrisTrey in September 2009, which she named after two of her sons, Chris and Trey. "It's also named after a more significant name--ChrisT," she explained. The capital T represents the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

With God's guidance, Brown is achieving, step-by-step, her dream of being a successful business owner. Her journey, which began 20 years ago, has been beset with obstacles, yet she continues to believe and move forward.

Her burning desire to be an entrepreneur developed over a number of years. It began when Brown was working in mortgage banking and earned a management position. Ultimately, changing careers, she worked with several real estate firms. Through the years, her desire to be her own boss and have absolute control of her career continued to burn. "Finally, I decided to step out on faith and open up my own real estate firm so that I could be the boss, with God being the Big Boss," she said.

As a broker and business owner, she soon realized that her real estate business is a 24-7 job with many other challenges: unrealistic expectations, competition, inconsistent income and burnout. "But these challenges are what keep me on my toes and ready for whatever comes next," said a confident Brown.

ChrisTrey is a small firm in an industry of huge national chains. What distinguishes ChrisTrey from the larger firms is the personal touch that Brown gives each client. She has the rare ability to relate and empathize with her clients.

"I find that the greatest reward of all is making a difference in my clients' lives," she said. "Over the years, I've came to find that my job is far more than that of a saleswoman pitching her product. I realize that my clients are often faced with major life transitions like buying a first home, getting married or divorced."

Brown, a member of Union Baptist Church in Macon, said her favorite business scripture is Hebrews 3:4, "For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God." To Brown it means: "No matter who built a house--God is the builder." Therefore, God is the architect of everything ChrisTrey achieves.

A mother of five children and six grandchildren, Brown said she's grateful to her husband, Daniel, for his support and encouragement to keep her dream alive. Pastor David L. Stanley has been an inspirational teacher who "feeds us the word of God, which says we can do all things through Christ who strengths us." Her 86-year-old mother, Dessie Jordan, has been Brown's top cheerleader, who is proud to see her daughter live out her dream.

"Don't give up!" Brown says to those who dream of owning their own business. "You just need to keep your faith and believe that God will make a way for you to own a business," she advises. "It may not come when you want it, but it will be right on time."

Sheila Brown photo
Sheila Brown