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Montrell’s Place Moves
Into New Downtown Macon Location

by Nigel Roberts

"I've always loved sales," Sarah Hunt said, with a sparkle in her eyes. Reflecting on a lifetime of business experience, Hunt recalled her first job. As a self-assured but inexperienced young woman, she persuaded the owner of a variety store in her hometown of Claxton, Ga. to give her a sales job. In a short time, Hunt became the store's best salesperson--despite the racist sentiments in the workplace. She has applied that same tenacity and commitment to success in all her business endeavors.

Montrell's Place Gifts and More is Hunt's latest business venture. She started operating the gift shop from her home and decided recently to take the next step. In August, Hunt moved into a store, located at 835 Forsyth Street in Macon.

"I needed a space where people could come and see the merchandise, look through the catalogs or shop online," Hunt explained. "Plus, the store is located downtown, in a convenient location across the street from the Medical Center that's easily accessible for people in the community."

Hunt offers high-quality merchandise that range from home decor to travel accessories and bath/body care items to collectables. Additionally, customers could flip through her catalogs or shop online where they could find hundreds of additional merchandise. "Soon, I will also sell an assortment of jams, preserves, relishes and pickles," she adds.

But selling merchandise is only half of what Hunt does at Montrell's Place. She's also a fundraising specialist, which she does in conjunction with Montrell's Place. Hunt organizes partnerships with churches and schools in which they sell her merchandise online, at flea markets or door-to-door, and she shares a significant portion of the sales profit with them.

Organizations could also sell gift cards (which come in denominations of $10, $25 or $50) that customers could use to purchase items in the store or online. "The organizations get 50 percent of the sales," Hunt stated. "On top of that, I give a 10 percent donation." She does this at cost for schools and churches so they could earn money for various projects.

Currently, Hunt is working on a special fundraising project for her church, New Fellowship Baptist Church, where she leads the evangelism outreach ministry. The church is refurbishing a house where homeless people will be able to come for a bath and hot meal. Hunt added that the ministry also plans to offer rehabilitation and job readiness services, as well as housing assistance to the homeless.

Faith has always been an important part of Hunt’s life. In fact, she named the business after her younger son, whom she describes as "a miracle child" because of his severe asthma. "He would say to me, 'Mama, Jesus is going to heal me," she recalled with a warm smile.
"I believe that," she would encourage him. Today, he's a grown man, teaching at an all-boys public school in Atlanta, she said proudly.

Hunt is now preparing for what she calls Christmas in October. Many of her customers are already preparing for the holidays. Montrell's Place will hold a big Christmas sale on the last two weeks of October, in which Christmas decorations will be half price. They could also purchase Christmas gifts in the store, as well as through her catalog or online at


linda solomon photo
Sarah Hunt