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New Macon Eye Care Practice Focusing on Providing
Quality Care

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Macon and Warner Robins residents in need of eye care service focused on the retina now have an eye opening opportunity thanks to Georgia Retina.

Based in Metro Atlanta, the practice expanded it presence last August and opened an office locally. So far so good says Dr. David S. Chin Yee - one of two retina specialists serving Middle Georgians out of the Macon office. Yee along with Dr. John J. Miller are two of the thirteen board-certified ophthalmologists that make up the entire team at Georgia Retina - the largest of its kind in the entire Southeastern part of the United States.

According to Yee, the practice decided on Macon because there was a significant need for their services. Because Georgia Retina focuses exclusively on retina care, the practice is being well received in Macon says Yee. "That's kinda fulfilling to know there is a need and we're actually making a difference," he said.

The Jamaica native is well qualified. Yee has initiated and participated in numerous clinical trials. In addition he has published numerous articles in a variety of medical journals. He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Society of Retina Specialists. Yee has a broad range of clinical interests within retinal disease and surgery, including management of complex retinal detachments, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, as well as macula pucker surgery. Miller is a Middle Georgia native that also has been an active participant in a number of clinical studies and has published articles in distinguished medical journals as well. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and like Yee, a member of the American Society of Retina Specialists.

The purpose of the retina is important to good eye function says Yee since it is responsible for receiving images and sending signals to the brain. Two eye diseases that Georgia Retina has its sights set on like a laser are diabetes and macular degeneration. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people below 65 years old while macular degeneration is the leading cause in people over 65. Yee says be concerned if you have: blurred vision; floaters; drops in vision; flashing lights or veils when trying to see. He says these are sure signs that something is wrong and getting to an eye physician should be your next move. "Our ultimate goal is to make sure that patients are seeing their primary eye doctor on issues first. We are here to help in cases where more extensive treatment and care is needed," Yee added.

Georgia Retina in Macon is also community minded. Because they serve in such a highly specialized field educating physicians and the public on their offerings and how they work is a high priority. The practice is hosting an August 25 education event for physicians that will serve as a resource for them should they need to refer patients out to Georgia Retina. Its lone competition, another Central Georgia practice providing similar services has an office in Macon and one in Warner Robins. But Yee welcomes the competition. He feels competition improves the quality of service and is betting that Georgia Retina will eventually be the go to for retina care in Middle Georgia. With 13 highly trained, experienced eye doctors with a desire to help and resources galore, Georgia Retina's chances at making Yee right are pretty good. "There was a need for other options in Central Georgia. We are here to serve, "Yee said. "We are going to offer you the best."

To learn more about Georgia Retina call 478-238-9733 or visit them at 6055 Lakeside Commons Drive, Suite 310. More information about the practice can be obtained by visiting their web site


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Dr. David S. Chin Yee