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Outstanding Auto Salesman: Dexter B. Whitby

by Tanya Womack

Dexter B. Whitby has been a top auto salesman in Macon, Georgia at Youmans Chevrolet Company since his arrival there six years ago. He attributes his success of being a top selling salesman to his many years of working with a variety of customers at Mansour and Parisian Department stores.

Whitby has been recognized nationally by General Motors for his mark of excellence as an outstanding top salesman. Whitby is anxiously waiting for the arrival of his diamond ring. Each year GM gives their salesperson a diamond for selling 100 new cars or more. Whitby now has a total of three diamonds in his ring.

"One major event has taken place in the automobile market, which has been a really good selling point for auto dealers, was the passing of House Bill 386," Whibty said.

House Bill 386 eliminates the annual ad valorem tax customers pay and the sales tax manufacturers pay for future purchases. Customers will no longer have to pay the 7% annual "birthday tax." Instead, the customer will pay a one-time title tax. The one-time title tax starts at 6.5 % and will increase to 7% by 2015.

Whitby wants to inform the public about a promotion at Youmans Chevrolet in Macon, going on right now. The sales department will be mailing out letters to customers who have purchased a vehicle or had any type of service done at their dealership. Customers can sell or trade in their vehicle. This promotion will be going on for the next six months.

One of GM biggest selling trucks is the Silverado. When asked, why is the Silverado such a big seller? Whitby answered, "It gets good gas mileage on the highway and it is very functional."

Whitby can be reached at Youmans Chevrolet, 2020 Riverside Drive. Macon, Ga. 31204
His work number is 478.746.2020 and his cell number is 478.731.9528.

Whitby spends a great deal of his time with Brenda, his wife of 9 years, and their three children. He loves spending time with his parents, Homer and Carrie Whitby, who have been married for 52 years. He enjoys being with his friends, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, going to his niece's basketball games and attending Unionville Baptist Church.

Dexter B. Whitby