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Salesman Has A Passion For Luxury Cars And Satisfying His Upscale Clients

by Nigel Roberts

Keyth Raushan is a car enthusiast. "I've always loved mechanical things," said the Tifton native, "cars, watches, guns..." His personal taste, especially in cars, has always been upscale. Not only does he enjoy driving luxury vehicles but also selling them.

His lengthy auto sales resume includes Volvo and Mercedes dealerships. But since last April, Keyth has been serving his upscale clientele at Butler Lexus, located at 4550 Riverside Drive in Macon.

Despite his passion for automobiles and his sales savvy, Keyth didn't plan to pursue a career in auto sales. Like many of us, he had negative experiences with car salesmen and ironically had not foreseen himself in the business. However, in 1985, he encountered a car salesman who treated him professionally. "I told him what I wanted, and he didn't try to do it his way," Keyth recalled. "There was no frustrating back and forth."

Applying that experience, he developed a similar approach when he finally decided to start selling cars. Keyth emphasizes that "car sales is a people business--not a car business." He added, "You have to sell yourself, build trust and connect with people." Most importantly, he listens to his clients--many of them lawyers and physicians--and does everything to ensure their satisfaction. Consequently, Keyth has built long-term relationships with clients that have led to repeat business and recommendations.

His high-end customers have achieved success in their careers and are looking for a certain class of vehicle. "We all want the best we could have, along with the best customer care," says Keyth. "I enjoy working at that high level and in that atmosphere."

It's also important to Keyth that all clients receive the same high standard of service and care. After a number of years working at a previous dealership, Keyth joined Butler Lexus where he was able to implement practices that ensure equal service.

As the economy slowly but steadily recovers, luxury car sales are also rebounding. And Lexus continues to lead the way, outselling other luxury brands in the United States such as BMW and Mercedes in 2010. According to Forbes Magazine, there are lots of good reasons to purchase a high-end vehicle: superior safety features, high resale value, state-of-the-art technology, comfort and of course prestige.

So, if you're in the market for a luxury car, call Keyth at 478-477-0700 or visit him at Butler Lexus.

Keyth Raushan photo
Keyth Raushan