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Walker Insurance Opens New Office

by Nigel Roberts

When it comes to experience and customer service, few insurance companies could match Walker Insurance. Owner Barry Walker has more than three decades in the insurance business and has always made it his goal to provide his clients with the best coverage that fits their individual needs, while also giving them first-class personal service.

Walker opened a new office in December, located at 3083 Vineville Avenue in Macon. His agency provides a full range of insurance products: auto, home, life, commercial and health.

Many years ago, Walker learned that insurance agents that are in the business just to make money are "missing the ball." That's why he takes the time to build a relationship with each client. "I enjoy meeting and talking to people, as well as servicing their specific needs," he said. Over the years, he has built solid relationships with some clients that have lasted for more than 30 years. "If you treat people right," Walker says, "they will continue to come back."

What also distinguishes Walker Insurance from the many agencies listed in the Yellow Pages is Walker's personal touch. He points out that most of those insurance companies don’t know their clients. "We don't give our customers an 800 number to call like those other companies," he commented. "We're locally owned and operated. When you call, you will reach me."

With more than 30 years experience, Walker understands the fine points of insurance coverage and takes the time to sit down and explain the details to his clients. He offers a tip about the consequences of not having full coverage after your vehicle is paid in full.

"While you can remove full coverage, consider that you're unprotected if the car is stolen or damaged (broken window, ignition or steering column) in an attempt to steal the car, a tree falls on your vehicle, if you hit a deer or have an at-fault accident," he admonishes drivers who have paid off their car loan.cannot afford full coverage to add at least comprehensive coverage for about $10 to $15 a month more than liability and uninsured motorists coverage. That would protect drivers from auto theft and many of the other mishaps that we all try to avoid.

So, whether you have a new addition to your family and need life insurance or you need to protect your property from theft or damage, contact Walker Insurance where you will get first-class service.

Barry Walker photo
Barry Walker