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"GRACE...for LIFE"

During the holidays or school breaks, our grandsons come to our house for 'vacation' for the ENTIRE week!! I'm not sure if vacation is the right word to use but it's certainly a vacation for our daughter, son-in-law, and of course the grandsons. All our grandsons are amazing but the two year old, Chris, is 'amazing-er'! His brothers are 13 and 11 years old so there is a bit of an age gap between them; however, Chris thinks he's just as old as his brothers and can do everything they can do even down to playing video games, wrestling, and of course talking. I'm always amazed at hearing some of the things he says. As I was packing his suitcase for them to return home, he said, "Thank you Grandma. I really had a good time!" I looked at him speechlessly and squeezed him until he was squirming around to get down. That's the other part about Chris---he RARELY likes me to hug, squeeze, or tickle him because he's a 'big boy' like his brothers. He is such an independent 2 year old! Even with all his 'big boy-ness', there are times when he'll look for me, hold up his arms, and say, "up grandma, up" and I get to hold him and even rock him to sleep if he's tired. Those are the times, he's my 'grandBABY' and all he wants is to be held and cuddled. Whenever his brothers bother him, he'll run to me for protection.This is so me! Majority of the times, spiritually, I think I'm a 'big girl'. I can handle my own battles, deal with whatever comes my way, and pray about some things instead of EVERY thing. I then soon find myself stressed out, fearful, worried, and have no peace! Thank goodness I also remember to hold up my hands in surrender, begin to praise God for who He is, and be thankful for what He has already done---especially in sending His Son, Jesus! I'm so appreciative of God's Word that reminds me of His never ending love for me. Romans 8:39b. (Nothing) shall be able to separate us (me) from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.' Eph 2:4-5...But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us (me), even when we (I) were dead in our (my) trespasses, made us (me) alive together with Christ---by GRACE you (I) have been saved.

Beloved, during this season of giving thanks and in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let's raise our hands in surrender and praise God for who He is and who we are in Christ Jesus. Raise our hands and receive His arms of protection around us, allowing Him to deliver us from stress, anxiety, emptineass, bitterness, and anger and infuse us with His LOVE! Let's REST and lay our head on His shoulders. He really is our Comfort and Joy!

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Velma Albert