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Apostle Albert Phelps Enjoys Divine Healing After Stroke And Continues Ministry On Television, Radio And At Three Church Locations

by Amanda Smith

Apostle Albert Phelps and his wife, Pastor Ethel Phelps, can certainly attest to the healing power of God. When Apostle Phelps suffered a stroke in 2008, doctors told him and his wife that he would never get better, but the Lord had a different plan for this man of God, who has spearheaded the formation of three churches in the middle Georgia area.

In 1969, the Forsyth Pentecostal Church was established and dedicated to the Lord by Apostle Phelps. Then, in 1974, the Lizella Pentecostal Church was built and dedicated, followed by the Fort Valley Pentecostal Church in 1980. Presently, Pastor Willie Wooten leads the Forsyth location; Pastor Ethel Phelps leads Lizella Pentecostal and Apostle Phelps pastors at the Fort Valley location.

Apostle Phelps preached at Lizella Pentecostal on the evening of February 18, 2008, then went home and went to bed. The following morning when he woke, he found that he couldn't move. Phelps' wife (Pastor Ethel Phelps) immediately took him to the doctor, who informed them that Phelps had suffered a stroke. Unfortunately, there were no beds available at either the Medical Center of Central Georgia or at Coliseum Health Care (both in Macon), so the Phelps set off for Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

After spending ten days at Emory Hospital and being told that there was nothing doctors could do to help him, the Phelps returned to the Coliseum Hospital in Macon. Phelps spent another nine days in the hospital after which doctors informed them that there was no improvement in his condition and that Mrs. Phelps should begin making arrangements for Apostle Phelps to be placed in a nursing home. "My wife wouldn't do it," said Apostle Phelps. "She told the doctors that if they couldn't help me, I was going home." And home he went, where family, friends and church members began holding prayers vigil and anointing Apostle Phelps with oils. Phelps also began an exercise program at the Coliseum Hospital and Phelps began seeing improvement in his condition. "At first, I couldn't move at all," he said. "Then, I just started getting better -- first, I could move, then I could sit up, then stand up and then walk again. Everything just got better and better -- the Lord healed me," he continued. "I took no medicines for my stroke; just my blood pressure medication that I had been taking for years." Pastor Phelps is now recovered nearly 100%. The only lasting sign of his stroke is that he lost half his vision in one eye.

Before his stroke in 2008, Apostle Phelps had begun working on a book about the history of the three Pentecostal churches that he founded. Following the stroke, Phelps wife Ethel finished the book for him and Apostle Phelps began work on a book about his stroke and the healing power of God. The Phelps have authored and published over 30 religious tracts to date.

The Phelps also have a television broadcast that began in 2004 and can be seen on "The Pentecostal Revival Hour" on Monday nights at 9pm (Christian Television Network on Direct TV Channel 376 or Dish Network Channel 267). This television ministry is viewed worldwide and reaches 30 million people weekly. WGNM/Macon also broadcasts the show at 3pm on Sundays and 11pm on Mondays on Cox Cable channel 7.

The Phelps' ministry can also be heard on Saturdays at 10am on the radio, WBML 900AM in Macon, Georgia.

Apostle Albert and Pastor Ethel Phelps also invite the public to join them in church at the following locations and times:
Sunday School – 9am at all three churches
Sunday Morning Worship – 11am at all three churches
Sunday Evening Worship – 7pm at Lizella Pentecostal Church
Monday Night Bible Study – 7pm at Lizella Pentecostal Church
Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7:30pm at Fort Valley Pentecostal Church

Lizella Pentecostal Church is located at 7545 Knoxville Road in Lizella, Georgia; Forsyth Pentecostal Church is located at 213 Parsons Street in Forsyth, Georgia and Fort Valley Pentecostal Church can be found at 331 Peach Circle in Fort Valley, Georgia.

barbara king
Apostle Albert Phelps and his wife, Pastor Ethel Phelps