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Dr. Stephanie Parker:
A Woman of Vision and Purpose

by Tanya Womack

As a leader in today's society, it is imperative to be a role model and a voice of reason, attributes that Dr. Parker walks in daily. Her vision is to "restore dignity and honor to the body of Christ!" With this vision in her heart, she is dedicated to ministering to the needs of the community. Rooted in ministry, despite her many trials and tribulations, Dr. Parker has established Shekinah Glory Praise & Worship Center, located in the wonderful city of Warner Robins, Georgia. Having spent 18 1/2 yrs in the United States Army, it has given her the needed skills to help rebuild broken families, motivate, and encourage others on their spiritual journey.

Dr. Stephanie Parker is determined to do what the Lord has placed in her heart. That is being a visionary in equipping the body of Christ with the tools from heaven through prophetic mandate and apostolic fundamentals. She lives with the constant vow of: I will do what thus saith the lord, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice.

Dr. Parker is a woman of elegance, distinction and grace. She wants women from every walk of life to know and to see through her, that it is ok to be lady in the kingdom. One of her primary goals is to help women discover their God-given purpose and help them to understand, they are fearfully and wonderfully made. She is the founder of W.O.R.D: Women of Respect & Dignity. This ministry helps women who are broken, hurting and assist them in achieving spiritual, emotional wholeness and encourage women to be naturally and spiritually healthy.

She is an author, business owner, and a licensed counselor with a PhD in psychology, Doctorate in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling. She is the mother of five brilliant children and grandmother of six gorgeous grandchildren. In which they are also in the ministry and understand their roles in the edification of God's Kingdom.

Under great EXPECTATION People are awaiting God's word to come to life and deliver them out of certain situations. "People want to see the manifestation of the Elijah, Ruth, Isaiah, Debra, Peter, Esther, Jeremiah, and Hannah in their own lives," explained Dr. Parker.

"One of the hardest battles to fight is the family battle. Family envisions on commonality verses spirituality," said Dr. Parker. Because family is a focal point, Dr. Parker's evangelistic ministry devotes countless hours ministering to the needs of FAMILIES! She is committed to strengthening, healing, and restoring families through Jesus Christ. Her determination and faithfulness to help rebuild the quality of families remain evident as she continues to personally counsel God's people.

Dr. Parker seeks vengeance over the spirit that seeks to divide people, marriages and homes. She believes that strong individuals produce strong families and strong families produce strong communities.

She gives Praise, Glory and Honor to the Most High God the Creator of this Universe for all that he has done, is doing and will do in her life.


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Apostle Dr. Stephanie Parker