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Evangelist Mildred Endsley Releases Second CD

by Deborah E. Dennard

"When I sing, I give all I can now 'cause I might not get another chance...You've got to press the case, and I press the case." Evangelist Mildred Endsley has recently released her CD, He Got Up. A few of the songs on the CD include "He's Alright," "He Got Up," "I Miss Your Voice," "Well Done," and a jazzy version of "I'll Fly Away."

"I have been writing songs for years. I wrote one of the songs in 2005. In fact, I was inspired to write "He Got Up" while standing in the shower just thinking about the goodness of God." Her first CD, All for the Glory, That's Why I Sing, was released in 2005 and showcased a more traditional gospel selection of songs. She will debut her latest CD at a concert at Beulahland Bible Church on October 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Evangelist Mildred Endsley has been singing for the Lord for most of her life. She began singing in 1973 with the Haley Vance Johnson singers. It was with this group that she sang her first solo. For 18 years, she traveled to 12 different states including New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to give praise to God and to glorify His name. Additionally, Endsley also sang with the Melodic Voices gospel singers for several years.

When she sang with the Haley Vance Singers, Endsley used to narrate many of the songs. "It was just like preaching," she explained. "It really was the stepping stone to my being called into the ministry." Evangelist Endsley was called into the ministry of the gospel in 1992. "I have always talked a lot. I asked God to give me something to talk about, and He did. God used me. I was called into the gospel ministry at Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church. God has used me to help people."

Evangelist Endsley is a faithful member at the Beulahland Bible Church of Macon, Georgia, and helps people through serving on many ministries there. She serves as the coordinator of the Nursing Home Ministry, is an active member of the ministerial staff, Christian education ministry, prison ministry, sisterhood ministry, and assists with bereavement care.

Not only has God given her the gift to help others through the church, but also Endsley spent much of her time at work helping others. She worked for ten years at the Vista Care Hospice in Macon, Georgia. "I worked for Vista Care for 10 years, and I sang a song for every patient I ever signed on for hospice. Many times, I was invited by the families of the patient to sing at the funeral of their loved ones."

Endsley was the top marketer for Vista Care as well as one of the top three marketers at Evercare Hospice and Palliative Care where she worked for three years. "At hospice, I took the sting out and presented people with hope," Endsley explained.

Many people played a part in encouraging and grooming her. In addition to the loving support of her husband, Milton Endsley and her children, God used Haley V. Johnson, Michael Purcell, and Evangelist Arletta Glover Brown to teach her. The Rev. Dr. Curtis Tolbert once told her to say humble and to never think she could do anything alone...only with the Lord. Endsley definitely took that advice to heart. She has proven to be an humble servant of the Lord.

"My ministry is in the hedges and highways, visiting the sick. That's where the work is."


Mildred Endsley
Mildred Endsley