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Leaving The Denomination
But Not Leaving God

Pastor Jerome McClain was asked, "why would he leave a denomination that he has pastored in for forty plus years?"

He answered, that this was a mighty move of God. He said, years ago one of his professors said, "Find out what God is doing and get in on it."

It was not an angry retaliation against the denomination but prayerfully consideration seeking God for new directions and new possibilities. He stated, although many members were leaving the denomination for leadership stability, tenure of its pastor, and solid biblical teaching. Their decision to break out was not a rebellious one, but a search for a better opportunity to express their freedom as it relates to spirituality.

Pastor McClain said, "We were leaving the denomination and not leaving God. We felt the need to be more open to an all inclusive congregation in a multi-culture society."

Pastor McClain also said that some members no longer feel a sense of security and safety of being a part of a large denomination as in the past. They feel that no denomination or church will survive when its leadership demoralizes its members and leads them down the wrong path.

Just because God's people decided to separate, doesn't mean that they are illegitimate! As a matter of fact, it may better serve areas of ministry, which other churches may find undesirable.

He said that people no longer want to feel like a number that is dropped into the offering plate or looked over. Churches must meet the needs of its people. Although no church or its members are perfect, we must still minister to all, with the love of God.

Pastor McClain said Overcoming Fellowship, his newly established church, has been blessed with a worship center in Macon, Georgia, located at 151 Madison Street that seats 350. They are doing well with God’s help, souls are being saved, and lives are being changed. They have Worship Service every Sunday at 10:00am, and Bible Study Tuesdays at 7:00pm.

Pastor McClain said that Overcoming has a strong focus on the youth, with his 14 year old son, Christopher, serving as one of the youngest Youth Pastors in the Middle Georgia area.

He also said that Overcoming’s Vision is to be a congregation of more than two thousand members, comprised of multiple ethnicities dedicated to making the principles of Jesus Christ the dominant influence of Middle Georgia. Overcoming will carry the good news of Jesus Christ to domestic and foreign lands with the intent to minister to people's holistic needs for the cause of Christ, using God's resources to further establish the kingdom of God here on earth, by meeting the needs of the people.

Pastor McClain said, "Jesus said, 'If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.' We must focus on what is right and good. Those whom God has called can usually be singled out, and summed up with two words LOVE and ACTION."

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