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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen
Local Leaders Endorse Mack For President Of GMBC

L-R Sheriff David Davis, Atty. Virgil Adams, Judge Verda Colvin, Dr. I.E. Mack, Judge Howard Simms, Superior Court Clerk Erica Woodford, Chairman of MWA Sam Hart Sr.

Dr. I. E. Mack Announces His Candidacy for President of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Ga, Inc.

Jeremiah 33:3, "Call unto me, I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." After much prayer and careful consideration, Rev. I. Edwin Mack, Pastor of Unionville Missionary Baptist Church of Macon, Georgia, humbly submitted his letter of intent to become a candidate to be the next president of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Incorporated ("GMBC").

The GMBC is the largest African American organization in the state of Georgia. It has provided educational and enrichment programs to thousands of African American Baptist Churches for over 146 years. Rev. Mack has been an integral part of that rich tradition for many many years. It is his faithful service that was the catalyst for the people of this great convention to approach him about running for the office. The people recognize that for 30 years Rev. Mack has served as pastor of Unionville and the ministry has grown numerically, financially, and spiritually. During that time he also served as President of the Sixth District of GMBC for 10 years. One of his greatest successes as Sixth District President revolved around his hosting of town hall meetings throughout the 17 counties and within 144 churches of District Six. Based on his efforts, church enrollment increased within the district, more pastors and churches were educated on the meaning and purpose of the Convention, the Associations and the Districts. The churches were introduced to the leaders as well as the ministries and their functions within the district. Most importantly, Rev. Mack explained and expressed the benefits of church membership in the Sixth District and GMBC of Ga, Inc.

Under Rev. Mack's influential leadership, the Sixth District was restructured and achieved the #1 competitive status in the areas of attendance, outreach, participation and finance. During the course of his administration, the Sixth District contributed over three quarters of a million dollars in finance to GMBC of Ga.

Based upon his aggressive and progressive leadership style throughout the convention, Rev. Mack is identified as the consummate mover and shaker of our time. He is excited to get the campaign moving with the help of the Lord and the support of the people. He realizes he must get the message to the people so the people can elect him to the office. He always says ownership belongs to the people, I just want to provide leadership for the people. In launching his campaign to become the next president of GMBC, he has chosen "The People’s President" as his campaign theme and "Leading an AAA Convention-Active, Accountable & Attractive" as his slogan.

Since announcing his candidacy Rev. Mack has blazed the campaign trail across Georgia, nowhere is too far to go, anywhere is where he wants to go, call him and he will come. The following cities called, Bainbridge, Atlanta, Macon, Albany, Lizella, Columbus, Lilburn, Dublin, Wilkinson County, Gwinnett County, Augusta, Bonaire, McIntyre, Gainesville, Jeffersonville, Americus, Unadilla, Swainsboro, St Mary's just to name a few. After Dr. Mack delivers his detailed, power packed platform, in which he boldly states, he believes in qualification not association when it comes to making assignments and appointments. The questions and comments flow freely without hesitation. Rev. David Primrose said, "I never seen a campaign sermon that touched me so." Rev. R. E. Cooper stated, "I've been a member since the 1960's this is the clearest I've ever heard information relating to the convention". Sister Doris Hughes declared emphatically she has been a part of the convention for 35 plus years, she has watched Rev. Mack lead people, she has watched him lead Unionville, lead the sixth district and serve as a facilitator in the GMBC Ushers Conference. It is sanctioned for him to be the next leader of the state convention!

Prayer is more than the 'Buzz word' of this campaign. Rev. I. E. Mack knows what prayer can do. It has always been his foundation for all things. Understanding that power he was led to organize and establish a 'Mack for President Prayer Warriors Team' in March 2016. Since inception every Tuesday they meet and pray. Their commitment is fierce and relentless as they pull from deep within their being speaking Rev. I. E. Mack's name positively into the atmosphere.

The prayer wheel picked up momentum and kicked into overdrive when Rev. Mack found himself in a serious and in depth dialogue with GMBC President Emeritus, Dr. Cameron Alexander. He shared with Mack, wherever you go let the people know you have talked with me. In pursuit of his destiny Rev. Mack welcomes the seeds of wisdom planted by this seasoned and spiritual prayer warrior.
Then one day the rally call went out and the people answered, proving once again that Mack knows what prayer can do. On May 23, 2016 the Friends to Elect Mack 'Prayer Rally' divinely erupted and became the pinnacle of the campaign thus far. The event was hosted by Rev. David Stanley, Sr. at Union Baptist Church of Macon, Ga.

An enthusiastic crowd of several hundred families, friends, and supporters gathered to witness Rev. I. E. Mack announce his 2016 bid to become the President of the GMBC of Ga, Inc. This electric event was designed to demonstrate the critical part that prayer plays in ALL areas of his life. The Prayer Rally successfully galvanized the unequivocal support from pastors and churches throughout the state of Georgia for Dr. Mack's candidacy.

With heightened anticipation about the future with Rev. Mack at the helm and the spirit of the Lord in control, the rally attendees were bubbling over and eager to share their thoughts about this candidate.

Rev. Bryant Raines confirmed his support of Rev. Mack "because he is the best candidate. He has the administrative skills to take the convention to higher heights. We are here to endorse my friend. The time is now to endorse my new father figure."

Per Rev. Walter L Glover, Jr. "His roots are deep in church. I. E. Mack equals accountability."

Rev. Melvin Adams declared "February 24, 2016 (qualifying day) the fountain pen of history began to write, there is a season for all things."

It is absolutely safe to say the Prayer Rally concluded with a unanimous observation...

When Rev. I. E. Mack is elected, he will P-U-S-H (Pray Until Something Happens), he will be the People's President.

Rev. Mack has a spiritual gift which allows him to feel the pulse of the people, no matter what the venue. He is certain that God has chosen him to serve as the Commander in Chief of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. He is 'in it to win it'. May the works I've done speak for me. To God Be the Glory.

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