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Bobby Clark Set to Retire
from Radio Following 40 years in the Industry

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Henderson Carswell is a community servant seven day a week. During the week as Colonel of Special Operations with the Bibb County Sheriffs' Office. And on weekends as the pastor of Mount Lebanon Baptist Church - that for him is a means by which he and his congregation push discipleship to better this city.

Over the last 19 years Pastor Carswell has brought the west Macon church from a small group of parishioners and humble beginnings on Key Street in the Unionville neighborhood, to a sizable congregation with a 700-seat sanctuary on 2,000 acres at 3805 Bloomfield Drive. The Macon native says as the membership grew so did its spiritually. He adds that as a result Mt. Lebanon has come to be known as a friendly, approachable, positive church family that trusts in God as it maintains hope. "We are stressing discipleship. Things that have value and that will help you as a person," Carswell said.

With "Making Disciples" as a theme in 2018, Carswell has Mt. Lebanon on track to save more souls. The church is focused heavily already on seniors and especially youth. As a fourth or fifth generation church, Mt. Lebanon is obligated to prepare its youth population for the future according to Carswell. It currently uses music as a means of getting and maintaining the attention of the church's young people. That effort will be elevated on March 10 when Mt. Lebanon hosts a Youth Explosion event featuring singing, dancing and storytelling. "If we can get them early and instill Christian values and ideals, we have a chance as a community," says Carswell, a father of seven children from a blended marriage.

To further Mt Lebanon's outreach efforts Carswell has designated the church’s Life Center to double as a future free play basketball resource for the community. He feels it can draw youth in need of mentoring naturally where the church can reach and teach them. "Our outreach will be centered around Bible study and prayer. We plan to rub off Christian values and ideals through the provision of recreational activities," he explained.

The U.S. Army veteran, who holds a doctorate in theology from the North Carolina School of Theology, knows the power of mentoring. Carswell started his run towards being a reverend in the mid-nineties as a deacon of Mt. Lebanon. He eventually became pastor in 1999 following the retirement of Dr. Bryan Butler and in time studied at the Shiloh Center under the late Dr. Lonzy Edwards. Butler and Edwards served as good guides for Carswell and set the tone for his leadership he says. One he has strived to be filled with vision, being a good listener, knowing the word and having love for God and people. "Those that preachers encounter are looking at us. How we carry ourselves has a great impact on them," said Carswell. "I want them to know that The Lord has kept me and will keep them too."

In addition to hosting the March Youth Explosion, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church will celebrate Pastor Henderson Carswell's 19th Anniversary as Mount Lebanon's leader during a 1:30 pm program featuring Dr. Walter Glover of Greater Zion Baptist Church. Find out more about both events, as well as worship times and other activities, by calling 478-784-9804.

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Henderson Carswell