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New Piney Grove Baptist Church Expanding
in More Ways Than One

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

New Piney Grove Baptist Church

Dreams do sometimes come true. No one knows this better than Pastor Dave A. Wilcoxson. One of his came to past in February of this year; and today can be found at 258 Straight Street in the Unionville community.

That is the address of the revitalized and rejuvenated New Piney Grove Baptist Church. While the location of the building did not change over the last year, the look of the massive edifice sure has. To the left of the original structure now sits a sparkling new 600 seat testament to the power of an obedient, faithful, dedicated congregation says Wilcoxson. "They embraced building the place which shows that they are true believers of God's word," he added.

The ministerial statesman first caught a glimpse of the new structure during a vision in July of 1999. At the end of a spiritual revival at the original church next door, Pastor William Flippin of Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church of Atlanta instructed Wilcoxson to go outside and visualize something of the heart. Wilcoxson says he saw a vision of the current church that day. "We never thought about anything but keeping this church in the community," Wilcoxson expressed.

Staying put reaped huge dividends this past year. As the project grew, so did membership. In fact during 2010, New Piney Grove saw its largest increase in membership since Wilcoxson started his ministry there over eighteen years ago. How could membership not grow when you consider that the new addition is another star attraction? Two hundred additional members and guests can now worship in the main sanctuary. State of the art projectors, a raised choir section and stereo quality surround sound make for an awe inspiring technological experience during worship service these days insists Wilcoxson. Four additional classrooms bring the total to eleven now and provide extensive space for those eager to learn.

The state-of-the-art church complex is connected by a breezeway and a conversion. Wilcoxson's further envisions an outreach center to serve as a restoration area for those that have lost their way. "The church has to escalate in order to serve in the present age," he suggested.

The project is being funded exclusively through the tithes and offerings of members and visitors. Wilcoxson is proud of their profound exercise in faith. He believes there is a great lesson in what New Piney Grove is doing collectively. He says that what they are accomplishing supports the church's mission of teaching. "Our number one core value is Christian education," said Wilcoxson. "My ministry is to educate the people in the building so they can impact the people outside the building."

At New Piney Grove's disposal is a host of wayward souls including many of the youth within the community in which the church sits. Wilcoxson is concentrating on capturing and keeping them on the straight path. But as New Piney Grove Baptist Church grows in size, it remains the same suggested Wilcoxson. "We are still the same New Piney Grove but with a greater technological and accommodation capacity," he said. "We are here to provide hope. Because of this, God can take the impossible and make it possible."

Dave A. Wilcoxson
Dave A. Wilcoxson