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Pastor Lisa Watson Elected
President of the Evangelical Ministers Alliance

This year the Evangelical Ministers Alliance of Macon and Vicinity (EMA) has elected and will install it's youngest and second female president, PASTOR LISA M.WATSON.

Pastor Lisa M. Watson is a pastor at the Evangelical Liberty Christian Church in South Macon. Pastor Watson has been an active member of the Evangelical Minister Alliance (EMA) for over ten years.

Pastor Lisa M. Watson stated that she has already been blessed and honored to serve on the Youth Committee, the Evangelism Committee and as Executive Secretary under four presidents, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Richard Gammage, and Vice President of the organization.

President-Elect, Pastor Lisa M. Watson said she is happy, honored and humbled to be elected as the next president of such a great, grand and godly organization.

Watson said, she believes that she will be able to continue to lead the EMA in community and civic endeavors such as the Annual MLK Memorial March, Annual MLK Memorial Worship Service, Annual Emancipation Service, Annual Living the Dream in Worship Service, Annual City Wide Summer Revival and even more New Initiatives to move the organization to the next level in youth, community and civic enrichments, empowerments and enhancements.

The Evangelical Ministers Alliance of Macon and Vicinity was organized over 44 years ago. Rev. Dr. Walter L. Glover, Jr. (Watson's lifelong Pastor) recalls being introduced to the organization by his late uncle, Rev. J. L. Key in 1969. Dr. Glover noted that he joined the organization in that same year.

Rev. Dr. Richard Gammage noted that he became a part of the organization in the late 1970's when he came to Macon to began pastoring the New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. Dr. Gammage delivered the annual MLK Message in January, 1984 to a overflowing capacity crowd.

Dr. Gammage has continued to be the clergyman leading the Annual MLK March from the Eastside (Rosa Jackson Rec. Ctr.) of Macon to City Hall for over past 30 years plus.

Over the years, the Annual MLK March has grown. Now, marches come to City Hall from all four points of the city including the Northside (Booker T. Washington Rec. Ctr.) led by AME Churches -- Rev. Mildred Denson and Rev. Billy McFadden, Westside (Frank Johnson / Unionville Rec. Ctr.) led by Baptist Churches - Rev. Leroy Reeves and Rev. Clifford Little and Southside (Memorial Rec. Ctr.) led by Interdenominational Churches - Dr. Mary H. Butler and Pastor Lisa M. Watson. This is truly a Unity March.

Some of the noted past presidents were:

The Rev. E. S. Evans, Rev. Van J. Malone, Bishop L. M. Bell, and Rev. W.P. Carter

Some of the noted past members were:

The Reverends M.M. Metier, B.W. Chambers, E.S. Mallory, C. R. Johnson, H.R. Rancifer, C. J. Andrews, A. L. Hudson, C. H. Boddy, W. L. Reynolds, L. H. Welchel, T. T. Rosevelt Ball, U. G. Dickey, E. F. Ridley, H. E. Riley, Peter Smith, Moderator, C.C. Jones, Elders C.D. Thornton, J.C. Solomon, E.D. Curry and The Reverend Marshell Stenson.

More recent Presidents were:

Rev. Richard Gammage, Rev. Leroy Reeves, Rev. Dr. Mary H. Butler (First Female President)) and Rev. Clifford Little.

Now, PRESIDENT ELECT, PASTOR LISA M. WATSON will be installed as our new presiding officer for 2012 - 2013.

JANUARY 26, 2012, Thursday at 7:00 P.M.
Evangelical Liberty Christian Church
4290 Houston Avenue
Keynote Speaker:
Rev. Dr. Walter L. Glover


Mildred Endsley
Pastor Lisa M. Watson