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Pastor Raines To Seek President
Of The General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc.

A typical day for Rev. Raines begins with reading the mail (which usually includes a letter from a prisoner seeking guidance), counseling members of his congregations and people within the community, and conferencing with ministry leaders on the management and planning of church operations and upcoming events.

Brief highlights of Rev. Raines' journey as Pastor of New Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church and Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church are described below.

September 22, 1947

The former Barbara Tharpe, Retired Teacher/Counselor

Shun, Curtis, Jr., Varina, and Bryant.

The Calling To be A Preacher:

Initial Inspiration and The First Sermon:
The late Rev. E. E. Riley was Rev. Raines' pastor in the 5th, 6th and 7th grade. Pastor Raines knew he was going to be a preacher in the 5th grade. He started preaching at the age of 33. Rev. Raines gained experience as a deacon under the late Rev. Russell Taylor and Rev. Dr. Henry Ficklin at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. He worked in the youth ministry as youth director for seven years with his wife, Barbara Raines. He started preaching under Rev. Henry C. Ficklin’s leadership. His first sermon (trial sermon) was preached on the 3rd Sunday in November in 1980 on a rainy day. The church was packed with family, friends, and about 35 fellow preachers. The sermon topic was "Love is the Greatest" from I Corinthians 13.  

During his first year as a preacher, Pastor Raines delivered about 144 sermons. On the 4th Sunday in June 1981, he was ordained as the pastor of New Pilgrim and remained there to this date. He delivered his first sermon at Mt. Zion and has remains there to date.

 Transitioning from the Work Force; Leaving Robins Air Force Base:
Rev. Curtis Raines retired as General Manager Level 13 from Robins Air Force Base in March 1993 after 27 1/2 years of service.

Rev. Raines was licensed by Rev. Ficklin. Rev. Sam E. Johnson has always been a part of his life and ministry by encouraging education. The late Rev. Huff gave Pastor Raines his first book on evangelism. The late Rev. E. S. Evans, Rev. Dr. Walter Glover and Rev. Ike Mike all provided encouragement. Rev. Marshall Stinson and Rev. Lonzo Edwards taught him in theology school. Pastor Raines was part of the Deacons Union in Macon and they were a large part of his support system.

Family Support:
The first family is a vital part of the ministry and they are actively involved in the church. They also attend various conventions and other church functions.

 Pastor's Advice to others just beginning in the ministry : Know thyself and to thine own self be true. When you preach, minister and lead others, you have to know who you are. You must have faith and put God first. The only thing you can count on is your faith. You must trust God with all that is within you. Today's congregation is very smart and studious; they are constantly on the internet and have access to all forms of education. A pastor must study and know the scripture. Stay studious for the rest of your life. You must study to show thyself approved unto God.

Trust God and don'’t be a phony. I love the me that God has made. You cannot love others if you don't love yourself. Be comfortable and confident in who you are.

 Key Skills to Managing Church Business:

Pastor Raines began his professional career at Robins AFB at age 19 where he acquired strong skills in management, planning, organizational structure and accountability. Pastor Raines believes you must always have a plan in order to know where you are going.

Curtis Raines, Sr. began his education in the public schools of Upson County.

He also attended:
American Baptist Theological Seminary
Progressive Baptist Church
Georgia Baptist Theological Seminary
Mercer University
Bachelor of Theology, Emmanuel Bible College (June 1995)
Master of Pastoral Ministry, Emmanuel Bible College (May 1997)
Macon Junior College
Industrial Engineering Courses and Supervisor Management at Robins AFB

 Church Membership:
Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia

)Present) Pastor of New Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia and Mount Zion Baptist Church, Bolingbroke, Georgia
Secretary of the Union Baptist and Educational Association (25 years)
President of the Sixth District-General Missionary Baptist Convention (1999-2004)
President Congress Mt. Pleasant Associations (2007)
Chairman of Board, Adopt-A-Role Model, Macon, Georgia (1993-2005)
Board of Directors, Parents to Support Public Schools
President of Bellevue/Hillcrest Ministerial Association (2002-2004)
Vice President at Large of General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc.(2004)

 The Ministry:
- Licensed in the Ministry (1980)
- Ordained in the Ministry (1981)

 Special Recognitions:
- Numerous Sustained Supervisor Performances Awards
- Nine Proclamations (City of Macon)
- Resolutions, Bibb County Commissioners
- National Register’s Who's Who 2001- 2002 Edition
- Presented Flag Flown over the Capital (Retirement from Federal Service)
- Outstanding Contribution to the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission, And the Cherry Blossom (1990)
- Pioneer Award - City of Macon and Bibb County (2005)
- General Contractor - Managed the building of these Facilities
- New Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, Macon, GA (1987)
- Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Bolingbroke, GA (2011)

Of all his many awards and accomplishments over the past 31 years, he is most proud when that person walks down the aisle to dedicate his/her life to Christ.

This is the kind of person, the kind of leader that we have here at New Pilgrim. Recently, when reviewing the Pastor's campaign platform and observing him in action over the years it is apparent that a few things are very obvious when it comes to why Pastor Raines has been so successful.

He loves God and loves all people.

He excels in his role as teacher, minister and leader.

He often speaks of the guidance and support that he gets from our founding church mother, Sis. Maggie Davis. He always reminds us of where we come from and takes advantage of the wisdom from our senior members that only years and life experience can give to you.

He is always on the road, down dirt roads actually, visiting and on program at all churches, large and small. He often says he relates more with the small churches because it takes him back to his humble roots in Roberta, Ga.

He is a task master/project manager. He knows how to surround himself with the skills needed to accomplish any task. He is a strong leader of church business and yet very compassionate to the individual needs of people and the community.

When you put it all together you come up with the perfect formula for the next President of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. 

curtis raines
Curtis Raines