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Reverend Lonzy Edwards & Mt. Moriah Baptist Church to be Honored as Pastor/Church of the Year by The Informer

by Amanda Smith

The Reverend Lonzy Edwards and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church have been selected to receive the Pastor/Church of the Year Award by The Informer and will be honored at The Informer's Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Ceremony. The event will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 12 noon at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, located at 2789 Millerfield Road in Macon, Georgia.

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is a leader in progressive community outreach as Rev. Edwards and his congregation members strive to help as many members of the community as possible through a variety of ministries that are tailored to specific needs.

Perhaps of biggest impact is the boy and girl scouts' organization within the church. Dating back to the 1950s, the boys den is likely the oldest African American-led Boy Scout club in Macon and is led by Deacon Fred Matthews. With over 100 children participating, the organization is limited only by the number of available people to support and lead it. "This organization is open to any child who would like to participate," said Rev. Edwards. "It teaches the values of the church and produces good citizens for the future of Macon."

Mt. Moriah also has a couples ministry designed to help married couples stay together; a travel ministry that promotes fellowship and outreach through travel (the group has been to Memphis, The Holy Land in Florida and will be traveling to Barbados this month); an annual Prayer Breakfast the first Saturday of each year to discuss issues in the schools and the community at-large; a Preparation for Marriage seminar that prepares couples for marriage by offering conflict resolution, money management and childrearing tips; a food bank that provides food to the hungry; and a Prison Ministry that partners with Central State Prison to assist the incarcerated with re-entering the community. This prison ministry also tries to work with the children of inmates because these are the youth at risk for incarceration later in life.

In the near future, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church would like to offer a drug and alcohol program to address the needs of the addicted in the Macon community.

The Informer is honored to recognize the Reverend Lonzy Edwards and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church as Pastor/Church of the Year.


lonzy edwards
Lonzy Edwards