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Rev. Robert J. Angrish, Sr. of
St. Paul AME Talks Community and Goals
for 2013

by Valensia Huff

Reverend Robert Angrish, Sr., new pastor of St. Paul AME church, residing at 2501 Shurlington Drive of Macon GA, speaks humbly of his new position at St. Paul AME, proclaiming the church as "A church known for its faith". Reverend Angrish informs that he loves his new church home. "St Paul is a family- oriented environment that maintains a loving spirit."

His goals for the congregation consists of growing the church's membership with efficient evangelism, assuring the public that their doors are always open. He is happy to say that according to the church's records, the congregation's membership has been evolving up to 10-15 members a month. Reverend Angrish informs that the community is the very basis of St Paul AME’s mission, which faithfully promotes welcoming the community to be a part of the services. St. Paul AME’s passion for the community and its well-being is what drives the church to keeps its doors open every day from 10:30am to 4:30pm. "The church is open daily to serve all needs of the community: needs of the natural and spiritual, says Reverend Angrish".

The new leader of St. Paul believes in a constructive congregation, defining it as "one that maintains a closeness as a unit, and most importantly, remaining close to the mission of the Most High."

When asked about today's perception of the relevance of spiritual maintenance, Angrish declares that, "The spirit of God is still relevant; however it is up to the people and leaders of the church to enforce this and reinforce the value of spiritual maintenance." "As believers of the Spirit, we illustrate the life of the spiritual." Reverend Angrish acknowledges that as time progresses, we as believers evolve, but it is a must that the Spirit of God is cultivated in order for people to realize that God is the same today as He was before."

Reverend Robert Angrish welcomes the public to St. Paul's Lent church service that is held every Wednesday at 6:30. He also calls the public to join the church's Good Friday service and Seafood and Country Broil on March 29th at 6:30pm.


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Rev. Robert J. Angrish