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The Reverend Dr. Willie Reid
Will be Missed by Many

by Amanda Smith

Many friends and family, church and community members alike mourn the passing of and will miss the Reverend Dr. Willie L. Reid, Sr. who passed from this earth and entered heaven’s gate on May 4, 2012. Dr. Reid pastored Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia for over 30 years.

Pastor Reid was born in Eatonton, Georgia on June 8, 1951, one of eight children to the late Rev. J.W. and Vera Reid. He received his Bachelor of Theology from Gulf Coast Seminary in Panama City, Florida and his Doctorate of Pastoral Counseling from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. Dr. Reid was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Reid grew up in the church and served as Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at Springfield Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia. During this time, he was called to preach and was ordained and began preaching the gospel in 1978. He and his wife, Gloria (the love of his life), founded Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in a one-room storefront in 1980. With God's blessings and power, what began as a two-member church increased to the current 2,500 seat Faith Dome with over 3,000 members. Pastor Reid assisted in planting and supporting 14 other churches led by his "spiritual sons".

Pastor Reid is the author of two books, The Importance of Family and the soon-to-be released The Art of Soul Winning. He will be remembered most for his caring, unselfish dedication to serving others and his love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


donald Reid

Pastor Donald Reid

Pastor Donald Reid (Aletheia Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia and nephew of Dr. Reid): "Great husband; great father; great pastor; great mentor; fantastic preacher!"

e dewey smith

Rev. E. Dewey Smith

Rev. E. Dewey Smith (Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church -- Decatur, Georgia): "When I was 19 years old and started to pastor a church in Macon, Willie Reid was one of the first people to reach out to me. He would purchase supplies and books for us. When I was out of school for about a year in 1993 because of limited resources, he invited me to preach five nights for a revival at his church. Those five nights, he asked for an honorary donation and I walked away with $17,000 - enough for me to pay for my tuition, graduation fees and my first year in seminary. When I didn't have the money, Pastor Reid gave it to me; he was just that kind of person."

charles shaheen

Mayor Charles Shaheen, III

Mayor Charles Shaheen, III (Warner Robins, Georgia): "The passing of Rev Willie L. Reid, Sr. was one that the community felt as a whole. Though we have lost a great servant of the Lord, he will be remembered through his teachings and the legacy that he leaves behind. If there is one thing we can all learn from Dr. Reid, it is to always keep the faith and let the Lord fight your battles."

curtis raines

Rev. Curtis Raines

Rev. Curtis Raines (New Pilgrim Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia):
"I met Willie Reid over 30 years ago and we started our churches around the same time; we have traveled the journey of faith together. He moved from 2 members to over 2,000 and New Pilgrim grew from 33 to over 650. As a personal friend, we have shared food, fun and preaching and as a businessman, I purchased vehicles from him. Rev Reid was a spiritual giant; a man of faith and by that faith, he accomplished everything God sent him to do."

Dr. Walter Glover

Dr. Walter Glover

Dr. Walter Glover (Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia): "I've been with Dr. Reid all of his church life, since I preached his ordination as a deacon at Springfield Baptist Church. He was a very unique pastor with a winsome personality and he was able to grow the church through his great social skills. The Lord blessed him in a very short time because he had a vision and he shared it with the people."

willie talton

Willie Talton

Willie Talton (Georgia State Representative): "Dr. Reid was a good friend of mine and a dynamic person. He came from a humble family; he was just a humble man and preacher and he knew how to talk to people on all levels. He was very inspirational to me; we would laugh and joke when we got together. Dr. Reid tried to and did accomplish great things; he was an all-around great person."

Daniel Jackson

Pastor Daniel Jackson

Pastor Daniel Jackson (Greater Springfield Baptist Church, Warner Robins, Georgia): "I have nothing but praise for Dr. Reid and his wife, Gloria. They started at Greater Springfield; he took my place as Deacon when I started preaching. We donated the first pews when he started his church. Dr. Reid has represented Warner Robins well and he accomplished much in his short life. Our prayers go out to Gloria and the family."

michael chambers

Dr. Michael A. Chambers

Dr. Michael A. Chambers (Fountain Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD): "Dr. Willie Reid served Jesus Christ with distinction and left an indelible fingerprint within the tapestry of humanity. In addition, he was the epitome of an "Evangelist at Work and a Pastor with Compassionate Hands". Furthermore, under the humble leadership of Dr. Reid, Fellowship Bible Baptist Church has transformed the world from Warner Robins, Georgia. Finally, I will always treasure the friendship of Willie Reid.

Craig Oliver

Pastor Craig Oliver

Pastor Craig Oliver (Elizabeth Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia): "Dr. Reid was a personal and very close friend of mine over many years. He possessed great integrity and family values with a profound sense of community consciousness; he wanted the best for the community and the people he was called to serve. Dr. Reid leaves a tremendous legacy."

Dave A. Wilcoxson

Pastor Dave A. Wilcoxson

Pastor Dave A. Wilcoxson (New Piney Grove Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia): "Pastor Willie L. Reid was a major influence in my salvation experience. He explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ to me as no one else did. He was also the man who licensed and ordained me into the Gospel Ministry. He was my mentor and father in the ministry and he taught me more about being a pastor than Seminary or Bible College could ever do."

harvey bee

Bishop Harvey Bee

Bishop Harvey Bee (Christian Fellowship Church, Warner Robins, Georgia): I don't have adequate words to express my gratitude for the investment my "Spiritual Father", Bishop Dr. Willie L. Reid, Sr., devoted to my life. Furthermore, with great sadness, I miss his presence of giving godly advice and servant leadership. With Bishop Reid’s spiritual guidance and counseling, he helped me get started with Christian Fellowship Church (CFC). His awesome leadership has led me to learn how to "Pastor with Joy"!

Dr. Reid really made an impact on my life, and he's touched the lives of so many others because of his giving heart. He loved his family...He died doing what he loved: preaching the Word of God and Winning Souls. He fought the good fight, kept the faith and finished his course. He will be sorely missed."

josh kirvin

Pastor Josh Kirvin, Sr.

(First Baptist Church, Warner Robins, Pastor Josh Kirvin, Sr. Georgia): "He was a pioneer and a great brother in Christ."

Bobby Denegal

Bobby Denegal

Bobby Denegal, Associate Minister at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church "He was a truly a servant of God and to all of mankind."

George Cowboy Washington

George "Cowboy" Washington

George "Cowboy" Washington, Friend and Business Partner said
"Willie Reid was my friend and God-brother in spirit and truth for 43 years. We first met in 1968 when he came to Fort Valley to go to college and we went into business together in 1979 with Fireman's Fund Insurance. I will miss him terribly."

willie reid
Rev. Dr. Willie Reid, Sr.