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Clinton and Obama Provide New Choices For Presidency



If it seems like the field of hopefuls for the 2008 presidential run has become overly crowded, it has.  With neither the President nor Vice President seeking office for the first time in decades, the field is wide open.

If you think you might want to see a female in the Oval Office, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York is your man (um, woman.)  Clinton announced recently on her Internet website “I’m in, and I’m in to win.”  Her announcement made her the immediate front runner for the Democrat party, per a recent Washington Post – ABC poll that found her favored by 41% of Democrats.

If you’d like to see an African American become president, Barack Obama of Illinois is your candidate of choice.  Listing one of his major strengths as the ability to unite deeply divided Americans, Obama fell behind Clinton in the poll, being favored by only 17% of Democrats.

Clinton and Obama were trailed in the poll by John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator who was Senator John Kerry’s running mate in 2004, with 11%, Al Gore, the 2000 Democratic nominee, with 10%, and John Kerry, with 8%.

With most of the attention on the Democratic hopefuls, let’s not forget two Republicans who are dominating their party’s field.  Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani is leading the Post-ABC poll with 34%, followed closely by Senator John McCain of Arizona, with 27%.

With nearly two years before the next president’s inauguration, the stiff competition has placed great emphasis on the importance of staking an early claim to either party’s candidacy.  That time is needed to gain media publicity, raise huge amounts of money, and line up top advisors.  Without these three things, a serious run for the presidency is impossible.

Whatever your leanings are, the next presidential run promises to be unlike any other in our nation’s history.  With this much variety in hopefuls, it’s sure to be an interesting knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish line, our country’s top office.

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