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Wake Up Macon





Clinton Campaigns For Hillary To 2,000 Spectators At Mercer University








By Amanda Smith



Former President Bill Clinton gave a 45-minute campaign speech for his wife, Hillary to a packed crowd of more than 2,000 people at Mercer University on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2008.  The delivery, which covered everything from health care to foreign policy, was anything but subtle as Clinton described the steps that Hillary would take to solve the country’s major issues.



Macon City Councilperson Elaine Lucas preps the crowd




Macon City Councilperson Elaine Lucas, prepped the crowd for about 20 minutes before Clinton took the stage, encouraging the crowd to cheer “H.R.C. (Hillary Rodham Clinton), H.R.C.” and “Hillary, Hillary.”  Georgia Agricultural Commissioner Tommy Irvin introduced Clinton, describing how Clinton had called him at home and asked him to attend the rally.



Agricultural Commissioner Tommy Irvin introduced Clinton 



The crowd ranged in age from teenagers to the elderly, but was made up of mostly Mercer students who had the day off from classes because of the holiday.  Many held up Hillary signs throughout the speech.  The event was also attended by several of Macon’s elected officials including Mayor Robert Reichert and his wife, City Council President Miriam Paris, Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena and his wife, and former councilman Henry Ficklin.


Describing his wife as a “world-changer” and rooted in the “service ethic,” Clinton said that Hillary had never tackled an issue that wasn’t better when she was done with it.  Often, he ridiculed the current administration for the lack of job growth and foreign policy mistakes and then described how committed Hillary is to bringing our troops home without making things worse for the Iraqi people.


After ending his speech, Clinton took questions from the audience for more than an hour.  In response to a question about the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., Clinton described a plan to increase citizenship in order to know who’s in the country, a plan that he said would help in the fight against terrorism.  Clinton also said that he though it was ridiculous to suggest that the vast number of illegal immigrants in America could be deported.


Clinton admitted that he didn’t feel there was a bad Democrat in the presidential race, but that Hillary was the best choice and that “even if we’d never been married; if she asked me to do this for her, I would do it in a heartbeat.”






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