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Delegates Elected To Represent Georgia At National Democratic Convention In Denver




By Amanda Smith


On Saturday, April 19, 2008, voters came together in all 13 congressional Georgia districts to elect delegates to represent them at the National Democratic Convention to be held in Denver, Colorado, August 25 th through the 28th, 2008.


Winners of each district and the candidate they will vote for upon arrival in Denver are listed below. Super Delegates (below) are unpledged delegates selected by the Democratic Party and can vote for either candidate.


Super Delegates - Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials (13)

President Jimmy Carter
Jane V. Kidd
Hon. Michael L. Thurmond
Hon. Sanford Bishop
Hon. Hank Johnson
Hon. John Lewis
Hon. Jim Marshall
Hon. John Barrow
Hon. David Scott
Carole Dabbs
Mary Long
Lonnie Plott
Richard Ray

Unpledged Add-on Delegates (2)

To be announced

Pledged District-Level Delegates (57)

District 1

Obama Delegates:
Laverne Lewis Gaskins
Al Williams

Clinton Delegate:
Beverly W. Leaphart

District 2

Obama Delegates:
Pamela Jackson
Lynmore James
Albert O'Bryant

Clinton Delegates:
Eben Barnett III
Shannon Marietta

District 3

Obama Delegates:
Erin Marie Glynn
Joann Locascio
Kevin B. Madden

Clinton Delegate:
Morris P. Steward

District 4

Obama Delegates:
Barbara Campbell
Gwendolyn Keyes-Fleming
Lee May
Sai Reddy
Kenneth Samuels

Clinton Delegate:
Rhonda Peek

District 5

Obama Delegates:
Deirdre Barrett-England
Andrea L. Boone
William Jelani Cobb
Camara Phyllis Jones
Clarence T. Martin

Clinton Delegates:
Miguel Gallegos
Angela Trigg

District 6

Obama Delegates:
Jan Hackney
Ben Myers

Clinton Delegate:
Isaac Adams

District 7

Obama Delegates:
Steffini Bethea
Preston L. Harden
Patricia Smith

Clinton Delegate:
George Williams

District 8

Obama Delegates:
James Beverly
Robert Brown
Kimberlyn Rosa Carter

Clinton Delegate:
Bethann Perera

District 9

Obama Delegate:
Lauren Bell

Clinton Delegates:
Joe R. Diaz
Elizabeth Stone Hand

District 10

Obama Delegates:
Ivory Ken Dious
Gwen O'Looney

Clinton Delegates:
Christine Horan
Franklin Delano Williams

District 11

Obama Delegates:
Don Wilson
Deana Womack

Clinton Delegate:
Will Fowlkes

District 12

Obama Delegates:
Brooke Fortson
Portia Gifford
Lester G. Jackson, III
Edward J. Sprole, Jr.

Clinton Delegate:
Maxine Shapiro Goldstein

District 13

Obama Delegates:
Richard Alston
Gail Davenport
Anthony McMichael
Rene Morrow
Melissa Prescott

Clinton Delegate:
Aaron Johnson

District-level Alternate Delegates (10)

Dennis W. Marks (District 1)
Mary Helen Dykes (District 2)
Kelvin Jones (District 3)
Gloria Butler (District 4)
Jerry Freeman (District 5)
Megan Kline (District 7)
Stephanie Woods Miller (District 8)
David Jarrett (District 10)
Quentin T. Howell (District 12)
Donzella James (District 13)





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