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Democratic Activist & Women’s Organizer Amy Morton Endorses Obama







Amy Morton, a well-know Democratic activist who formally endorsed John Edwards announced today that she is endorsing Barack Obama for President.  Ms. Morton, a family therapist, small business owner, and ordained Southern Baptist minister, was the head of Georgia Women for Obama for the Kerry/Edwards campaign in 2004 and sits on the Executive Committee of the Georgia Democratic Party.  Ms. Morton has chosen Barack Obama because of his ability to uplift and unite people for change, and help female candidates up and down the ballot in November.


Ms. Morton said, "I am proud to have supported John and Elizabeth Edwards who embraced a bold agenda for change; now, I am pleased to support another powerful agent for change, Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama has inspired and engaged a new generation of Democratic voters who will help build Democratic majorities in November and in the future.  In Georgia, between now and November, I will be working hard to elect wonderful Democratic women to state and local office. I want the candidate at the top of the ticket who best helps those women win their elections. Without question, that candidate is now Barack Obama."


"It is an honor to have Amy Morton's support," said Barack Obama.  "She is a dedicated advocate for families and she is a Democrat who brings people together.  I am pleased that she shares our vision of hope and has joined our movement for change."


Ms. Morton also serves Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Candidate Selection Committee of Georgia's WIN List, a political action committee dedicated to supporting Democratic women candidates for state level office.  


Like Edwards, Obama refused donations from PACs and Washington lobbyists and vowed to stand up to the special interests that have blocked so much progress for working Americans in Washington, DC.   Other former Edwards supporters said they were voting for Obama because he's the only candidate in the race who has the ability to unite America around a common vision for the future and win the votes of Republicans and Independents whose support is critical to winning the general election. 





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