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Democrats Fire Back On Global Warming, SAT Scores


Porter Questions GOP Spin



House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter fired back at Republican spin doctors on two crucial issues in recent weeks.  In late August, a small panel of Republican leigslators held a half-day hearing to investigate climate change.  The hearing, entitled "Global Warming: Fact or Fiction" interviewed three scientists whose work is primarily bankrolled by the oil and coal industries before concluding that global warming does not exist - at least in Georgia.


House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter

Porter, who represents Laurens County, fired back at the sham hearing, saying, "If you're a farmer in South Georgia, and you're watching your crops shrivel up before your eyes and your watering ponds evaporate, I don't think you've got a lot of nice things to say about Georgia Republican `science.'  There's no question about `fact or fiction,' this is the reality for Georgia, even if Jeff Lewis and the other Georgia Republicans on this committee refuse to admit it."

Last week, Porter again exchanged sharp words with Republicans, pushing back against the Perdue administration's PR offensive on
Georgia's lackluster SAT scores.  In an opinion piece published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Porter said, "Our Governor oversaw cuts in the state education budget of $1.3 billion, cuts of eligibility to H.O.P.E. by almost a third, cuts to teachers' take home pay, cuts in score results.  If enough light is focused on education, we can begin to see real improvement.  While I would not have cut education at a time when our students have to compete in a global market, there are many positive solutions that don't require more money.  However, they will only work if the public is allowed to see the truth instead of the spin."





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