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Life Center Is Partnering With ASERT Enterprises To Promote Organ Donation Awareness

The Kerwin B Lee Family Life Center is the place to be on Nov. 9, 2013 from 3pm to 9pm when the Life Center is partnering with ASERT Enterprises to promote organ donation awareness. The first play will be held at 3pm, a Purple Carpet Walk and Photos is at 6pm, the second play is at 7pm.

A gospel stage play, "It's All About Me", directed by Keith Hampton will be the highlight of this day as foolishness, selfishness, wickedness are depicted as one family struggles to find that one perfect match for their daughter who is in imminent need of a bone marrow transplant.

Present at the event will be medical professionals, recipients of organs or tissue, and representatives from organ and donation agencies.

The playwright and producer, Ms. Tresa Diane Smith is a long time resident of Dekalb County, GA. She is the Founder/Director of Agape's Safe Haven, Inc. She is also a humanitarian, and a volunteer in any capacity needed.

She has always had an interest in theater since her youthful days at Beulah Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. That dream was thwarted in the late 60's when the Admissions Counselor at Valdosta State College advised her that if she wanted to pursue a major in Theatre that she should move to New York, because the South was not ready for the Arts. To stay close to home, she settled for Business Administration.

Smith moved to Atlanta in the early 80's. The yearning for the arts continued to gnaw at her inner being. Thankfully the former pastor of Beulah Baptist Church in Decatur, GA, the late Bishop Jimmy Lee Smith gave her carte blanch to start Music, Art & Drama For Christ Ministry. That Ministry is still flourishing today.

Her passion for the Arts grew greater and greater as she and her troupe, who also loved theatre, traveled throughout the city and the state performing stage plays. Some of them are still a part of her Ministry today. Others pursued careers in the theatre and film industry.

Much to her delight, many years later, Dr. Kerwin B. Lee gave Ms. Smith the opportunity to organize the Music, The Arts and Drama (MAD) For Christ Ministry at Berean Christian Church in 1998. That Ministry has since changed to Making A Difference For Christ.

If anyone has witnessed the productions at either church, there is no doubt that God has His hand in the ministry.

Before Ms. Smith's mother passed away in December, 2009, she told her she wanted her to continue her legacy because her (Mother's) work was done on this side. Smith's purpose was brought to light when her daughter informed her in January, 2012 that a friend was in need of both kidneys. The friend's brother was the only match, but he was afraid to donate. Her daughter wanted to know how they could raise funds for the cause or how to bring awareness to the need for organ donors.
Knowing absolutely nothing about organ donations, Smith did the only thing she knew to do - that was to go into prayer. Twenty four hours later, God gave her a vision that she was reluctant to pursue because she had never produced a musical. She accepted the mission and started the planning in January, 2012. God wanted her to know it wasn't about what she knew; it was about listening and obeying the voice of the Father. He only needed a willing vessel. He put people in her path way who were willing to spread the word, The response was overwhelming from LifeLink, local artists and performers as she, along with her God daughter, Aleigha Butler were able to present a wonderful event. "Praise With Purpose" Showcase was held on September 2, 2012 at the Kerwin B. Lee Family Life Center.

Many participants expressed a desire to make this an annual event. Smith advised them that she would not do it again because of the hard work. She had to eat those words. Recording Artist, John Kendall who attended last year's event has been very instrumental in making certain that there will be a second "Praise With Purpose" that he will definitely be a part of.

Ms. Smith is most appreciative to her pastor, Dr. Kerwin B. Lee, who has been most supportive in her efforts in bringing awareness to a problem. Pastor Lee will be making his acting debut as he makes a cameo appearance in the stage play. The kindness of all the volunteers will forever be remembered.

The prices for the production are $10 for the 3pm show and $15 for the 7pm show. Tickets may be purchased at Berean Christian Church Bookstore and at Kerwin B. Lee Family Life Center. Proceeds of this year’s event will benefit The Lupus and BeThe Match Foundations.

Currently this lady is on fire for the Lord and she intends to continue her parents' legacy by reaching out to help others. This production is in honor of her late parents, Rev. Jack and Mrs. Mattie Mae Myers Smith. Ms. Smith is the proud parent of Takiyah, and the grandmother to Markus. Her desire is to bring awareness to Lupus and to educate the community on the importance of being organ and tissue donors. You or your loved ones may not be in need today, but you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Ms. Smith was informed that her daughter's friend passed away on September 21, 2013. She has found eternal peace where there is no need for a kidney.


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