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Blue: The New Director of
Bibb County DFCS

Martha K. Blue is now the new Director of Bibb County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Martha's promotion became effective July 2013. After her predecessor, Marjorie Almand retired. Prior to becoming the Director of DFCS, Martha had been the Deputy Director since 1983.

Blue’s new responsibilities will include overseeing the social services programs and economic support program.

"Although, getting such a position would be a big responsibility. I am the same ol' Blue, just love helping people. I was born and raised in Macon. I graduated from Ballard Hudson High School. I left Macon to attend Tennessee State in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated with a degree in Psychology," Martha said.

Martha will be in celebrating her 50th year with DFCS in February of 2014. Martha started working with DFCS February 28, 1964, as a Public Welfare Worker (PWW). That was her title back in the day. She remembers working for DFCS at the Grand Opera House on Mulberry, the Old Georgia Power Building on Cherry Street, and then the Old Sears Building on 2nd street and now on Oglethorpe.

In February 2013, Martha was recognized by Wesleyan College for he outstanding leadership service and received the Servant Leadership Award.

When asked, about some of her successes since her arrival at DFCS, nearly 50 years ago? She replied, "The one that comes to my mind first, is when, Marjorie and I worked together on a new welfare reform bill called Temporary Assistance for Needy Familie (TANF). Marjorie and I worked extremely hard to reduce the number of TANF caseload. We put together a work program and put customers back to work. People got off the DFCS system and went back to the work. I am proud of the work we did to get people back into the workforce. We did such a great job. We worked as a team, I mean everybody worked." They did such an awesome job. They were recognized by the state of Georgia.

The newest DFCS program is called One Georgia. One Georgia is an initiative by the Georgia Department of Human Services, the Division of Family, and Children Services to provide convenient assistance regardless of your location in Georgia. Georgia One incorporates several new technological options to allow customers access to their Food Stamp, Medicaid, and TANF cases online. It also offers the ability to scan in needed verification via document imagining kiosks. Martha said, “Also, we have implemented a new Business Operation Process(BOP) that allows customers to apply for Food Stamps and Childcare via online application system called COMPASS. When someone needs assistance, they can call 1.877.423.4746 and they will be served, no matter where you are they in the state of Georgia. The state is hoping to add Medicaid and TANF in the very near future. The program has its glitches. Some customers are not getting their assistance as fast as they should. Those glitches are being worked out on the state level."

There has been an astonishing increase in the number of people getting food stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program better known as SNAP, across the nation, due to the economy. Martha said, "We are definitely, seeing a new pool of people coming in for food stamps. We have people who never thought, they would ever need to be receiving food stamps or SNAP, walking through our doors applying for help. There are just few jobs out there and families have to eat and feed theirnchildren."

Most citizens in the community call Martha, by her last name. She said, "I am still the same Blue. I have seen countless babies grow up to become productive citizens in the community. Therefore, it is just a myth and a stereotypy when you hear people say; all people on DFCS stay on DFCS generation after generations. Very few of them do. However, most people move on with their lives."

In her leisure time, Martha enjoys spending time on the internet and loves the latest gadgets.

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Martha Blue
by Tanya Womack