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Herman Cain Hosts Fundraiser For Bibb County Commission Hopeful Maurice Atkinson


Left to right: Teresa Atkinson, Herman Cain, & Maurice Atkinson


When asked why he was supporting Maurice Atkinson for his run for the 2008 District 4 Bibb County Commission race, Herman said “The reason I'm supporting Maurice is real simple. First, his character and his integrity, and he cares about the community that he lives in. Secondly, Maurice was a big supporter of mine when I ran for office."  Herman Cain ran for the United States Senate in 2004.


The fundraiser was held at The City Club of Macon, September 19th and was attended by more than 60 guests from the Macon area.  Also attending was Secretary of State Karen Handel and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.


Atkinson, who unsuccessfully ran for the District 4 seat in 2004, indicated he is running again with a purpose.  The issues Bibb County faces are not unique.  Communities all over the world are faced with balancing budgets, encouraging productivity and enhancing the quality of life for their residents.  My vision is one of inclusion, not exclusion.  In order for every member of this community to live a fulfilled life, they need to be active participants in their government, their places of worship and their social circles.  The opportunities for greater fulfillment and an enhanced quality of life are virtually limitless when harnessed to a philosophy of Synergy.  The results are lower taxes and higher standards of living, something EVERYONE appreciates. 


When asked why he is starting so early when the election is not until 2008 he responded, "Anyone can run a campaign in three to six months and get people to vote based on perception, I want the voters to understand the philosophy that I want to get in place in Bibb County."


District 4 comprises the west and southwest portions of Bibb County.  For further information regarding Maurice Atkinson, visit



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