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Georgia's 50 Most Influential Men 2014

The 50 men who, in the opinion of the staff of the Informer, are the most influential men in Georgia for the year 2014 are listed on these pages. This list resulted from informal polling across Georgia to receive nominations and a meeting of the staff at which the merits of the numerous nominees were discussed.

During the deliberations, the staff had these criteria in mind: Does the individual's position command widespread influence among black people of the state? Do the individual's decision-making activities affect the lives, thinking, and actions of large segments of the state’s population? Does the individual head an organization which greatly influences people statewide or whose members are traditionally influential in their communities? Is the individual significantly influential among those who hold positions in which their policies directly affect the lives of large numbers of people?

We believe all of these men meet these criteria; however we welcome your comments and any suggestions.

stacey abrams

Hank Aaron
Baseball Legend

cheryl bachelder

Michael Adams
President Emeritus of University of Georgia

juanita baranco

George Andrews
CEO of Capitol City Bank

anne barnes

John Barrow
U.S. Congressman - 13th District

stacey abrams

Joe Beasley
Exec. Dir. of Rainbow Push

gloria butler

Mark Becker
President of Georgia State University

helen butler

Robert Benham
Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia

xernona clayton

Sanford Bishop
U.S. Congressman - District 2

pearl cleage

Bert Bivins
Bibb County Commission Civil Rights Activist

shan cooper

Arthur Blank
Owner/CEO Altanta Falcons & Georgia Force Chairman, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

cathy cox

Tom Brown
DeKalb County Sheriff


emily davis

Tyrone Brooks
President of GABEO

Margaret DeFrancisco

Jimmy Carter
Former U.S. President

Margaret DeFrancisco

Saxby Chambliss
U.S. Senator

Margaret DeFrancisco

Deke Copenhaver
Mayor of Augusta, Georgia

Shirley Franklin

David Davis
Bibb County Sheriff

Helene Gayle

Nathen Deal
Governor of Georgia

Shirley Franklin

Edward DuBose
Former State President of NAACP

Dorothy Hubbard

C. Jack Ellis
Former Mayor of Macon

Carol W. Hunstein

Vincent Fort
Georgia State Senator

Donna W. Hyland

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
President of Fort Valley State University

Donna W. Hyland

Douglass Hooker
Executive Director Atlanta REgional Commission

Jan Jones

Henry "Hank" Huckaby
Board of Regents of the University System

Gwen Keys

Johnny Isakson
U.S. Senator

Barbara King

Ronald Jackson
Tech College System of Georgia

Bernice King

Emmanuel Jones
Georgia State Senator

Dorothy Leland

Hank Johnson
U.S. Congressman

Elaine Lucas

Brian Kemp
Georgia Secretary of State

Janice Mathis

Muhtar Kent
Chairman & CEO
The Coca-Cola Compamy

Aimee R. Maxwell

Jack Kingston
U.S. Congressman

M. Yvette Miller

John Lewis
U.S. Congressman - 5th District

M. Yvette Miller

Joseph Lowery
President Emeritus of SCLC

Felicia A. Moore

David Lucas
Georgia State Senetor

Charlotte Nash

C.T. Martin
Atlanta City Council

Elisabeth Omilami

Sam Olens
Attorney General
State of Georgia

Miriam Paris

Tyler Perry
Movie Producer

Miriam Paris

G.P. "Bud" Peterson
Georgia Institute of Technology

Elisabeth Omilami

Curtis Raines
President of General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia

Sylvia Russell

David Ralston
Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

Rita Samuels

Robert Reichert
Mayor of Macon

Alexis Scott

Kasim Reed
Mayor City of Atlanta

Beverly A. Scott

David Scott
U.S. Congressman - 13th District

Suzanne Sitherwood

Calvin Smyre
Georgia State Representative

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Charles Steele
President of Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Barbara Brown Taylor

Michael Thurmond
Superintendent of Schools in DeKalb County

Natasha Trethewey

James Wagner
Emory University

Paula Wallace

Bishop Preston W. Williams II
Presiding Prelate of the Sixth Episcopal District

Brenda Wood

John Silvanus Wilson, Jr.
President of Moorehouse College

Brenda Wood

William Underwood
Mercer University

Sally Quillian Yates

Andrew Young
Former Atlanta Mayor