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Wake Up Macon!

January 2008



Will Macon Be Changed Or Will It Continue To Be Chained?




By James Wright



The citizens of Macon have performed their duty through the election of both Robert Reichert as mayor and those that are serving on Macon’s City Council.  They have placed their trust in this group of elected people to govern the affairs of Macon; trust and confidence that there will be positive change and not a continuation of the same chains that have bound the city for so long.  Simply put, these officials must take care of the people’s business.  Even though the citizens have given the mayor and council a mandate to operate the affairs of Macon, for the next year, the citizens should aggressively and closely monitor these operations.


City Council is now in place with quite a few changes.  Seasoned, experienced members no longer hold chair or vice-chair positions and new blood has taken its place.  Will this new composition be able and/or willing to work with Mayor Reichert?  There must be no unjustifiable division; no deviance from the mandated positive changes he has promised.  The citizens of Macon are watching closely to see what kinds of interactions the mayor and city council will have.  Our new mayor has established the agenda and with the cooperation of City Council, there will be positive change throughout Macon.  We can experience a move forward by rebuilding and redefining the city.


Mayor Reichert’s inaugural speech was a very positive one, but was diluted with his apology, not for slavery, but for standing on the sidelines and doing nothing, The African American community has helped to place Mayor Reichert in a position to redeem himself for this lack of action while brave men and women such as Medgar Evers, James Cheney, Michael Schwerner, Viola Liuzzo, Andrew Goodman, Emmett Till, Dr. King, the Freedom Riders, and others put their lives on the line to make our society what it is today.   




Viola Liuzzo and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. both gave their lives during the civil rights movement 



Phillipians 3:13 states “I do not count myself to have apprehended; But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth to those things which are ahead.”  The citizens of Macon will monitor Mayor Reichert’s words and actions in the coming year. And though the African American community would have appreciated an apology for slavery, the Bible teaches that we must forgive and forget, so let’s just move in, move on, and move up.


Revitalization of neighborhoods is, in theory, a positive change; but hopefully, the new mayor will remember the gentrification that often results and take action to provide for ALL Macon citizens.  Trying to move in is positive, but anyone can say in a 45 minute speech what the citizens will now expect through positive action. Promise without action is meaningless, and is, in fact, insulting.  It would be a continuation of the same old politics; the same chain that has choked the city for far too long.


Thus, I propose an informal gradi ng system to rate our elected officials on their performance while in office.  Every official will begin with a grade of 50, simply because, although we elected them, we don’t know what they will do.  Points will be awarded for positive actions toward the betterment of the city.  Points will be subtracted for useless squabbling, self-serving behavior, failure to communicate with the public, or any negative actions that do not benefit the city.  Thus, communication with the public about proposed positive change is necessary to accumulate points.  Simply put, the citizens insist on being kept informed of the workings of our elected public officials.  Back room politics must yield to frontline representation.  Any official who drops to a grade of 0 should no longer hold public office.  (As elected officials who manage funding for city endeavors such as Indigent Care at The Medical Center; Sheriff’s Department; Bibb County LEC; and county fire departments; Bibb County Commissioners are included in this grading system).





Official Grade
Mayor Robert Reichert 50
City Council Members
City Council President Miriam Paris 50
Tom Ellington 50

Virgil Watkins, Jr.

Nancy White 50
Elaine Lucas 50
Alveno Ross 50
Erick Erickson 50
Charles Jones 50
Larry Schlesinger 50
Lauren Benedict 50
Lonnie Miley 50
Ed DeFore 50
Rick Hutto 50
James Timley 50
J. Michael Cranford 50
Bibb County Commissioners
Joe Allen 50
Bert Bivins 50
Lonzy Edwards 50
Elmo Richardson 50
Charlie Bishop 50




So let’s unload and let’s go!  Hebrews 12:1 says “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”


Mayor Reichert and the Macon City Council must work together to bring about positive change, not negative chains.  Meanwhile, the citizens watch and pray.



As always, Carpet Express is at the forefront of positive forward movement for all people into the 21st century.


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