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Wake Up Macon!

January 2007



Recognizing the Truth of Job Inequalities 


By James Wright


True or False? There is an ongoing problem of job inequality for the African American community of Macon, demonstrated by several glaring examples.  African Americans hold a greater number of manual labor positions, a lesser number of management jobs and make up a higher proportion of the unemployed when compared to Caucasians in Macon. Thus, the answer is shockingly and offensively true.  It is hard to believe that in 2006 there were job inequalities in regards to racial identities.

Proof of this job disparity in the community of Macon has been uncovered with recent statistical data. The 2000 Census proves that there is a large job position disparity when it comes to African Americans in Macon as compared to Caucasians.  African Americans comprise a larger number of labor positions at 60%, compared to 17.3% for Whites. Caucasians held the majority of management positions with 60.6% compared to African Americans with 36.6%.  Unemployment was higher for African Americans at 75.4% as compared with 22.9% for Whites.  Equalizing this job disparity requires much more than for a business to claim that it is an equal opportunity employer; it requires action.  Businesses must actually hire skilled and qualified African American employees and place them in management positions.   A prime example of businesses working to correct this disparity is Carpet Express of Macon, the only African American owned flooring business in Macon.  This company prides itself on hiring employees of all races and promoting them to executive positions.   

So why arenít issues of employment and position disparity not being addressed by all businesses?  The community must ask local government and the city of Macon to help make a change.  According to data posted on the City of Maconís website, African Americans comprise 62.5% of the population with Whites accounting for 35.5%.  African Americans make up, by far, the greater proportion of Macon, and therefore have the potential to impact and bring change to these job disparities.   

What can be done from here?  As a group comprising the majority, the African American community must come together and voice their concerns to the city of Macon.  Things that could be done to make a difference in changing this job disparity are:   

1. Writing letters to local officials asking them to intervene by creating special programs to assist the African American community with employment.

2. Consumers should patronize businesses that promote and possess African American employees holding management positions.

3. Engage the voice of the community through consistent monthly Town Hall Meetings with City Officials. The recent national election substantiates that the voice of the people should be heard.

4. We, as consumers, should not patronize businesses that practice this racial disparity.  Businesses that are attempting to correct this disparity should be rewarded for their meaningful contributions to the community through jobs, programs, support for education, and other community activities.

Knowledge and wisdom is the beginning of success; they demand to be heard in the city of Macon. These steps can be powerful elements in redefining the city of MaconMacon is a sleeping giant and it is past time for the citizens of Macon to Wake Up and get involved into redefining their city. Carpet Express stands at the forefront of helping to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Macon in the 21st Century.


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